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Strategy & Growth

The 2022 ESNZ Endurance Annual General Meeting is being held on 25th June in Christchurch..

Full details  of the AGM are available here 

Endurance AGM Registration Form  –  this form can also be used for apologies

Nominations are now open for the Endurance Board, CTR Committee and Technical Committee and close at 5pm on Tuesday 31st May.
Endurance Board Nomination Form
Board Questions –  these questions to be answered by all Board Nominees
Board Position Description 
CTR Committee Nomination Form
Endurance Technical Committee Nomination Form

Click here for details of the discounted accommodation rate  at the Ibis Hotel. 


2022 Forums

Forums are being held in both the North Island and South Island in May.  Click here for details.

If you wish to attend the South Island forum via Zoom please contact Sue Billigheimer at [email protected] for the link.
There is no Zoom available for the North Island forum.


Strategy & Growth Plan

We want more riders to enjoy our amazing sport and are actively working to increase participation levels.

Endurance Board Meeting and other Minutes

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