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Strategy & Growth

Jumping and Show Hunter aims to be a popular and growing sport, unified in the pursuit of excellence and enjoyment. 

Strategy & Growth Plan

VISION: To promote, enable and grow the sport of Jumping

MISSION: To work together with our partners to provide great competitions, inspiring pathways and an ongoing legacy for jumping 

Save the date for the 2018 Jumping and Show Hunter AGM and Conference

30 June – 1st July

James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, Wellington 

New Rider’s Representative  Appointed to Jumping Board


We are delighted to welcome Claire Wilson as the new Rider’s Representative to the Jumping Board. 

Claire was appointed onto the board at the Rider’s AGM at Horse of the Year and will serve a two year term.  She will be officially appointed onto the Board at the AGM on the 1st July. 

Thank you to the outgoing representative Maurice Beatson for his service to the board. 

Purpose of Rider’s Representative: 

  • To achieve and contribute to the strategic aims of the ESNZ Jumping Board
  • To ensure that Jumping members have an avenue to raise any issues or suggestions they may have in the running of the discipline


Show Jumping Board Meeting Minutes

  • 2017/2018
  • 2016/2017
  • 2015/2016

2017/2018 Board Minutes 



Summary of Board Minutes

January 2018

Mid-Year Financial Report

ESNZ Jumping is pleased to present the six-month financial summary for members and area groups.

For any queries or questions please email Dana Kirkpatrick

or Victoria Martin:  

28 November 2017

Summary of Board Minutes

27 September 2017

Summary of Board Minutes

9 August 2017

Summary of Board Minutes

16 July 2017

Summary of Board Minutes