About ESNZ

Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ) is the national sports organisation for equestrians in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  We aim to provide safe environments for our members and the wider equestrian community, to enjoy competition and recreational equestrian pursuits at all levels of participation. 

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Welcome to Equestrian Sports New Zealand

A wise man once said that a good rider can hear his horse speak to him but a great rider can hear him whisper. The privilege of having a partnership with a horse is a very special part of our sport that other codes simply cannot offer.

You are only one part of the equation – you can’t compete without your horse and therefore it is always in your best interest to take special care of them and their welfare.

Whether you choose to be involved as a volunteer, an official, a parent, an introductory competitor or someone who wants to make a business out of your love for equestrian, there is a lot to find on this website.

We deliver great competitions and events through our own area groups and organising committees as well as partnerships with other organisations such as NZ Pony Club, the Riding for the Disabled, the Royal Agricultural Society and Horse of the Year.

If you need something or want to ask us questions please do not hesitate to contact us, the membership services team is extremely focused on delivering solutions and answers to any queries. If they can’t help you they will know who can.

Whether you plan to be just having fun or competing at the highest level, please take care, ask lots of questions and be a fair competitor. There will be trials and tribulations – make your come backs stronger than your setbacks – and have a lot of fun!

Julian Bowden – ESNZ Chief Executive


Olympic History

“Its Todd for two and two for Todd”

New Zealand has a rich Olympic History.  The equestrian disciplines are unique events at the Olympic Games, not only because they are the only Olympic events that involve animals (aside from the equestrian component of modern pentathlon), but they are where women and men compete together on equal terms.

The New Zealand eventers are well regarded and recognised as some of the most accomplished and successful in the world, particularly Sir Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson, both of whom have been based in the UK for many years.

Did you know – Sir Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson are New Zealand’s most capped Olympians, with seven caps apiece.

All of New Zealand’s Olympic equestrian medals have been won by eventers.

New Zealand has won a total of 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals at Olympic Games from 1984  at Los Angeles to 2012 at London.