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Para Equestrian classes are held at most Dressage Group shows around the country.

Pinnacle PE Events

ESNZ Para Equestrian runs four Pinnacle Competitions each season: North Island Championships, South Island Championships, National Championships and Horse of the Year.

Show Dates for 2019-2020

Find out which shows are holding Para Equestrian classes for the current season.

Para-Equestrian Dressage Tests

View and download Para Equestrian dressage tests here.

Compensating Aids

Compensating Aids are “helpful additions’ to your gear or body to assist you to ride.

Para-Equestrian Badges

All classified Para-Equestrians must display the Orange Para Badge on their saddlecloths at competitions.


Clean Sport

Please familiarise yourselves with the content of this website page and visit it regularly for updates.

Para-Equestrian Contacts

Contact your local or national Para-Equestrian representative.