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National Classification

In order to take in Para-Equestrian Dressage, riders need to be classified according to their functional ability which measures their mobility, strength and coordination.  After the assessment riders are issued with a profile and grade to ensure they are competing against those with similar disabilities.  In NZ, all classifications are
conducted by FEI Accredited Classifier and Chief National Classifier – Vicky Melville, Nelson

vicky.melvill[email protected]

03 543 3628

FEI Classification

FEI classification is performed by two Internationally accredited classifiers, one of whom must be a foreign International Classifier.  Following the classification where riders are physically assessed and observed competing, riders must become members of the FEI and are issued with an FEI card detailing their name, profile and a list of compensating aids.  To enquire about FEI classification contact International FEI Classifier, Vicky Melville.

[email protected]

03 543 3628