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About Jumping

Information about the discipline of Show Jumping
Find the Show Jumping National Series, Riders Meetings, and Board Meetings

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About Jumping

Jumping is undoubtedly the most popular equestrian discipline recognised internationally and is an exciting and rewarding sport for all levels and age groups.

The jumping season here in New Zealand runs across the country, with ample opportunity to take part in a range of classes from those at the grassroots and entry level to the exciting, hotly contended Series classes and the elite World Cup competitions.

Show Jumping Information Booklet

This booklet has been designed for people wishing to find out more about Show Jumping at grassroots level. It is always daunting to try something new and not knowing where to start. Sometimes when you arrive at your first show, it is difficult to source the information, so hopefully this book will help you enjoy Show Jumping.

The information booklet is intended to be an easy interpretation of the Show Jumping discipline, but it is not a rule book. If you’d like to understand the rules of the sport, below is a link to the official rules of the sport.

ESNZ Jumping National Series

The National Series competitions are the highest level of competition for horses and riders at each level and points are accumulated at Series shows held across the country.

National Series Categories

  • FEI World Cup & Premier League
  • Grand Prix Series
  • Young Rider Series
  • Pro-Am Series
  • Amateur Rider Series
  • Tertiary Series
  • Pony Grand Prix Series
  • 7-Year-Old Breeding Series
  • 6-Year-Old Breeding Series
  • 5-Year-Old Breeding Series
  • Junior Rider Series

Riders Representative & Riders Meetings

Purpose of Rider’s Representative: 

  • To achieve and contribute to the strategic aims of the ESNZ Jumping Board
  • To ensure that Jumping members have an avenue to raise any issues or suggestions they may have in the running of the discipline


Check out the Riders Meetings page for more details


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Jumping Board Meeting Minutes