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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Health & Safety for Organising Committees.

Who is responsible for the Evacuation Procedure at a show?

What wording would you recommend having in relation to use of powered sites? Should it be in the schedule or advise on a one on one basis?

What wording do you recommend for the use of motorcycles?

Do we have to sight a health and safety plan for all contractors – eg anyone making money from the show like Photographers, Food Providers & outside secretaries?

If the above is yes, how do we deal with contractors that come on to the grounds and conduct business without our knowledge? Or if they come to our attention like a farrier or someone doing equisssage?

Is there any firm rule on the use of rope/tape for fencing of arenas other areas like parking and if so what are the alternatives?

How do we report incidents and what happens to those reports?

Who is responsible for lodging incidents with OSH?

Who is responsible if someone falls through the cracks and rides unregistered?

What happens if someone just comes down to the show to school but is not entered? Or grooms that are not members?

What about people that help pick up rails (often parents friends watching) – will they all have to be briefed or told not to help if they do?

Are there going to be H&S standards around equipment? I.e. trailers have to be registered and warranted, certain jump stands banned – every show has to have a curtain?

Is there a recommended/maximum weight for jumping poles?

There is nothing about the arena surfaces, creating a safe environment with a fenced arena and a gate, or specific mention of the condition of the jumping equipment, the practice arenas etc. Do these get covered anywhere else?

The information in the Health and Safety template is very specific. Do we have the right to adjust/change it? And if we did and an incident happened around something that was taken out/changed would we be liable as that is what the ESNZ as the PCBU provided?

If a show pays an honorarium does that change its status to a PCBU under the Act?

My question hasn't been answered here, what now?

If anyone has any further questions they would like added to this FAQ please send them to [email protected]