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Officials in Equestrian Sports

Workshop for Officials and Volunteers

Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend the workshop we held on 25 September, prior to our AGA.

Workshop notes can be found here

Officials have a vital role to play in all Equestrian Sport competition – from Grassroots right through to International level.

To become an ESNZ Official, you first need a passion for the sport, and, in particular, a desire to see the sport run at a level playing field with horse welfare always at the forefront.

ESNZ have a database of over 750 qualified, active Officials, over the five disciplines, with almost 200 being qualified FEI (International) officials.

The Official Word, our official’s newsletter, can be downloaded below:

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children have recently launched a Child Protection in Sport eLearning course.
For detail please go to

Or download the flyer here

The Child Protection in Sport course has been developed for all sporting codes and organisations from professionals to volunteers.   The course includes information directly relevant to the sporting sector such as professional standards and side-line behaviour and has sport-related quizzes and videos.  Safeguarding Children worked with child protection in sport specialist Leanne Couch (formerly Sport Manawatu and Sport England) to develop the content and ensure it would resonate with and engage a sporting audience.

With New Zealand having one of the highest participation rates for children in sport in the world, adults involved in sport have a special and hugely important role to play in creating safe environments and recognising and responding to potential child abuse and neglect.

Safeguarding Children also deliver seminars and workshops, Child Protection Policy development and consultancy work if you are interested.  
Information on upcoming public courses can be found on their website.

Incident Reporting

All incidents should be recorded, either by using (preferably) the online incident report form at the following link or by completing a manual form.