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Insurance Cover

ESNZ Insurance Cover frequently asked questions. Forms for Incorporated Societies

Frequently Asked Questions

What cover does ESNZ have?

What is not covered?

Who is liable for paying the excess?

What do we need to do to ensure we are meeting our insurance obligations?

Do we need to advise ESNZ about our events?

What happens if the property owner where we hold our event wants a higher amount of cover than what the insurance policy covers?

Who is covered by the ESNZ policy?

Who is not covered?

How come area groups and affiliated clubs that are incorporated are not covered?

So what do we do if we are an incorporated society?

Can any other equestrian related groups sign up to this policy?

What does it mean if we sign up to the group policy?

Is there a problem if my incorporated society chooses not to buy insurance cover for its event?

My question hasn't been answered here, what now?

Equestrian Groups / OCs that are incorporated societies and wish to sign up to the Group Insurance Policy can do so by completing the proposal form above.

Completed proposal forms must be sent for processing to:

Aon New Zealand, Hastings 313 Karamu Road North, Hastings 4122

t: +64 6 873 0430 E: [email protected] |