As part of the implementation of the new Board Structure, ESNZ Eventing are seeking nominations for the Board position – Rider Representative. This position is now a full voting member, with national responsibilities over a three-year term. While this is not a new position, it has been redefined and the process of election formalised and moved online. It is expected that to fulfil this role the person will have both governance or leadership experience, and the ability to connect with the riding community so that their voices are heard at the Board table.

The process for the nomination and election of the Board member – Rider Representative is as follows:

  1. Nominations for the position are to be made using the nomination form and can be made by a current member, for themselves, or another current member. Organising Committees who value the input of their event rider representatives and consider them suitable candidates for this position, are encouraged to proactively support candidate nominations.
  2. Candidates are to complete a Statement of Motivation form outlining their motivations, skills and relevant experience for the role. These will be shared with the voting riders to assist them in making their vote decision.
  3. Nomination and Statement of Motivation forms are to be completed, signed and along with a CV, relevant to the position, sent to the Sport Manager ([email protected]) by 5pm 7th May 2022.
  4. By 21st May, eventing riders who are ESNZ members and have competed in an ESNZ Event within the last 12 months, will be emailed the candidate information and voting instructions.
  5. The confidential online voting will close 5pm 9 July 2022. Votes will be counted automatically and the numbers for each candidate undisclosed.

The applicant with the highest number of votes will be elected to the Board and commence their term from the AGM 30 July 2022. One of the Rider Representative responsibilities will be to form a “Regional Rider Network” to liaise with them on Board matters. Unsuccessful applicants, along with the wider rider community, will be invited to form this network.  This network of riders will also ensure riders can approach someone within their area to raise any matters relevant to the Board.

The elected member will serve a term of 3 years, concluding July 2025. This will ensure that there is continuity and the opportunity for the individual to gain and apply governance experience.