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ESNZ Rules

ESNZ General Rules including, Constitution, General Regulations, Code of Conduct, Social Media Policy and much more


The ESNZ Disciplinary system (Chapter 9 of the ESNZ General Regulations) has been under review for many years and in 2018 we spent a great deal of time discussing this, how it could work better and what changes needed to be made to ensure consistency, fairness and equity and a clearer more responsive system for all of our members.

Discipline Boards, the ESNZ Technical Committee and the ESNZ Board have now all approved this new version.

The attached General Regulations now contain the reviewed disciplinary system, as well as some other minor changes to this build.

The summary of changes can also be found below


For the health and safety of our riders, horses, officials, volunteers, contractors and spectators, ESNZ is introducing a Drug and Alcohol Policy.  It is not only performance enhancing drugs which are risk to our sport, but also the substances which are decidedly non-performance enhancing such as alcohol and illicit drugs.

While Drug Free Sport deals in the main with performance enhancing substances, the ESNZ Drug and Alcohol Policy paves the way for drug and alcohol testing at events to minimise the risk of harm to riders and horses,  and to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.


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