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Being an official is a great way to become involved in  the sport and to learn more about Endurance and CTR

FEI Officials Courses – Wellington 2019

ESNZ Endurance will be holding FEI Officials’ courses in February 2019  for Stewards, Judges and TD’s. 

Full details on the courses are available here

9th -10th February 2019

Level 1 and Level II Judges and TD’s 

Course Invitation

8th February 2019

 Level 1 and Level II Stewards

Course Invitation


National Officials Courses

10th November 2018


Course Information

How to become an Endurance Official

Resources for Officials

  • Blue Cards for Concussion and Serious Injury
  • Yellow Card Official Warnings
  • Athlete Clean Sport Information for Officials
  • Incident Reporting