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Being an official is a great way to become involved in  the sport and to learn more about Endurance and CTR

Officials Taking Heart Rates at CEN Events

Vets may ask  the officials to assist with taking heart rates at CEN events but there are only some heart rates that the officials are permitted to  take.

Technical Delegate Report

The Technical Delegate Report is required to be completed following all Endurance and CTR events.  Feedback from the events help to improve the quality and safety of events

Online TD Report Form

Manual TD Report Form

Procedure for Event Schedule and Health and Safety Plan 

The Technical Delegate is responsible for approving the Event Schedule and Health and Safety Plan  for events.  This flowchart assists in outlining the procedure.



Resources for Officials

  • Blue Cards for Concussion and Serious Injury
  • Yellow Card Official Warnings
  • Athlete Clean Sport Information for Officials
  • Incident Reporting

National Officials Courses   

There are not courses scheduled at this stage. 
If you are wishing to attend a course please contact your club secretary to see if a course cna be arranged.

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How to become an Endurance Official