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Being an official is a great way to become involved in  the sport and to learn more about Endurance and CTR

Officials Taking Heart Rates at CEN Events

Vets may ask  the officials to assist with taking heart rates at CEN events but there are only some heart rates that the officials are permitted to  take.

FEI Officials Courses – Wellington 2019

ESNZ Endurance will be holding FEI Officials’ courses in February 2019  for Stewards, Judges and TD’s. 

Full details on the courses are available here

9th -10th February 2019

Level 1 and Level II Judges and TD’s 

Course Invitation

8th February 2019

 Level 1 and Level II Stewards

Course Invitation



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National Officials Courses

There are no National Officials Courses on the calendar ast present

How to become an Endurance Official

Resources for Officials

  • Blue Cards for Concussion and Serious Injury
  • Yellow Card Official Warnings
  • Athlete Clean Sport Information for Officials
  • Incident Reporting