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Jumping Titles and Trophies

National Jumping and Show Hunter titles and trophies 


National Young Horse Show Titles

National Young Horse Jumping Titles for 4, 5, 6 and 7 Year Olds


National Championships

New Zealand National Jumping Titles for the New Zealand Premier Jumping Champion, New Zealand Horse Grand Prix Champion, and  New Zealand Pony Champion


National Series Winners

Winners of the National Jumping Series for Premier League, Horse Grand Prix, Pony Grand Prix, Young Rider, Tertiary Series, Junior Rider, Amateur Rider, Pro-Am Rider, 7 YO Breeders Series, 6YO Breeders Series, 5YO Breeders Series, 8YO Breeders Series, Leading Stallion, and Top-Ranking Mare.


Horse of the Year Trophies

Horse of the Year Trophies and Title holders