Anna Smith & Starlight Smarda –  Copyright Photo: KAMPIC / Kerry Marshall


Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series


Anna Smith’s trophy cabinet is now complete, after adding the Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series crown where it will sit along her two national titles.

It’s the Wyndham rider’s last season on both her series and nationals winner Starlight Smarda as well as El Alpha G Wizz, on whom she has also won a national title.

Ten-year-old Starlight Smarda has been with Anna for four years and is a dearly loved member of the family. “I love him a lot,” she says. “He has been a dream for me so it is nice to go out on a high like this.”

It was with Smarda that she ventured into show hunter. “When I first got him we just started doing it and ended up going really well. Show hunter is different and quite classy I think. It builds really good foundations for the next stage.”

It was a long haul for the family to get to the Wairarapa for the series final show – a whole three days of travelling. Anna is well aware, the trips simply wouldn’t happen without the support of mum Katrine and dad Warren.

“Mum takes me everywhere every weekend while dad holds the fort at home. I really appreciate it.”

As well as their win in the Cat B – by just a single point ahead of Kate Procter and Trevellyn Blue Bell – Anna and Smarda, who are trained by Nicole White, were also fourth in the Big on Writing Pony Equitation Series.

As much as she loves show hunter, Anna is off to showjumping next, and she’s more than ready for the challenge.


Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series: Anna Smith (Wyndham) Starlight Smarda 66 points 1, Kate Procter (Palmerston North) Trevellyn Blue Bell 65 2, Poppy Tatham (Masterton) Wembleybrook O’Driscoll 62 3, Lucy Oliver (Peka Peka) Mr Mika Choo 52 4, Anna Smith (Wyndham) El Alpha G Wizz 43 5, Grace Roy (Gore) Afallons Royal Arabesque 40 6.


Fiber Fresh Cat B High Points Series Grand Final (co-sponsored by Leaderbrand): Kate Procter (Palmerston North) Trevellyn Blue Bell 1, Poppy Tatham (Masterton) Wembleybrook O’Driscoll 2, Lucy Oliver (Peka Peka) Mr Mika Choo 3, Anna Smith (Wyndham) Starlight Smarda 4, Heidi Fenton (Stratford) TCP Arizona 5, Lucy Bourke (Eketahuna) Tuahiwi Pixie 6.


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Diana Dobson – 16 April 2023