Ben Weir rides Amorcito in the FMG Young Rider Series at the Shelley Bridgeman Spring Into Jumping Show
Photo by Christine Cornege / Cornege Photography


Sam and Jeremy Whale have their first ESNZ series show under their belts and they couldn‘t be happier with the feedback.

The Shelley Bridgeman Spring Into Jumping Show, held at Diamond Lodge at Showfields, ran over three days at the weekend – a training day on Friday followed by two days of competition.

Sam Whale says plenty of work has gone into getting the property since they moved in October, to where they want it to be. “I feel a bit overwhelmed that it has all happened in less than a year,” she said. “It was always the vision to have the indoor looking how it is now, but we just didn’t expect it to be this quick.”

The couple have resurfaced the indoor, levelled the two outdoor arenas and widened the dressage arena so it can be used as the jump warm-up area. All of the competition at the weekend was held in the indoor arena.

“The jump-offs in the series classes were great. There are really good competitive series horses in all four of the classes with the Young Rider very cool to watch.”

The Whales have previously held non-series shows and are now looking forward to hosting more series focussed shows. Their next one is in two weeks and will run the same programme.

Just three came through to the jump-off in the FMG Young Rider Series class where Ben Weir (Auckland) and Amorcito were just too good with their 33.42 second time. Emily Watson (Morrinsville) and Eye Opener were second in 35.68 with Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) filling third and fourth with Bandito NZPH and Castakko Xtreme respectively. The top three were all double clear.

It was all about Jeremy Clark (Te Kauwhata) in the Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series, with him winning convincingly aboard Triple Star Destiny’s Accolade, and placing third and fourth with Dynavyte Cancion HSH and Dynavyte Ipso Facto respectively. Three came through to the jump-off where Jeremy and Triple Star Destiny’s Accolade were all clear in 29.94 seconds. Jessica Trow (Whitford) and Kiwi Sunup were clean too but in 40.78 with Jeremy and Dynavyte Cancion HSH picking up four faults in their 37.53 second round.

Paula Mussen (Pukekohe) and her trans-Tasman traveller Déjà vu NZPH took the honours in the Harrison Lane Pro-Am Rider Series. Just two came through the first round with clean slates where Paula and Ducky – as she’s affectionately known – crossed the flags in 39.16 seconds to runners-up Sophie Fisher (Cambridge) and LC Sensation’s 40.48 second effort. Eight came back for the jump-off in the Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series class where the top five battled it out, pushing the clock faster and faster. Matisse Masterson (Papakura) and Jay-Z GNZ proved too good with their 28.46 second round, leaving the field in their dust. Charlotte McGuire (Lichfield) and Matrix I Spy were the only ones to come close with their 31.63-second round.

Woodhill Sands got the season cracking last weekend with the first of the series classes, with the confirmed results below.

Results –

Shelley Bridgeman Spring Into Jumping Show

FMG Young Rider Series: Ben Weir (Auckland) Amorcito 1, Emily Watson (Morrinsville) Eye Opener 2, Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) Bandito NZPH 3, Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) Castakko Xtreme 4, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) LT Holst Francis 5.

Harrison Lane Pro-Am Rider Series: Paula Mussen (Pukekohe) Déjà vu NZPH 1, Sophie Fisher (Cambridge) LC Sensation 2, Glen Beal (Pukekohe) Soprano 3, Christine Cornege (Cambridge) Lillyberg SL 4, Alena Dorotich (Putaruru) Cassiana Xtreme 5, Olivia Forster (Cambridge) Cassino du Domaine 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series: Jeremy Clark (Te Kauwhata) Triple Star Destiny’s Accolade 1, Jessica Trow (Whitford) Kiwi Sunup 2, Jeremy Clark (Te Kauwhata) Dynavyte Cancion HSH 2, Jeremy Clark (Te Kauwhata) Dynavyte Ipso Facto 4, India Causebrook (Pukekohe) Wildheart 5, Cindy Page (Waiheke Island) Global PH Carentinjo 6.

Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series: Matisse Masterson (Papakura) Jay-Z GNZ 1, Charlotte McGuire (Lichfield) Matrix I Spy 2, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) Dynavyte Cancion HSH 3, Maya Hegh (Taupaki) Encore NZPH 4, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) Triple Star Titanium Two 5, Calypso Hill (Auckland) Cuba Cuba 6.

Alltech Spring Series Grand Prix Show Jumping Show (Woodhill Sands)

Harrison Lane (in conjunction with Prydes EasiFeed) Pro-Am Rider Series: Colleen Crous (Auckland) Orames Girl VDL 1, Georgia Lawrie (Auckland) Cartello GNZ 2, Laura McGregor (Auckland) Emmaville Dontango 3, Colleen Crous (Auckland) Castiel Xtreme 4, Catherine Burden (Waiuku) Fifty Shades HS 5, Georgia Lawrie (Auckland) AS Ghosriello 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds (in conjunction with Fiber Fresh) Amateur Rider Series: Jeremy Clark (Te Kauwhata) Triple Star Destiny’s Accolade 1, Ashley Johnston (Whangarei) Miss Vee NZPH 2, Brooke Knight Willis (Auckland) Everything Equine Totara 3, Jeremy Clark (Te Kauwhata) Dynavyte Ipso Facto 4, Tyla Myburgh (Coatesville) Astek Radiance 5, Leonie Rogers (Waihi Beach) Gruffy 6.

Mainland Coachwork (in conjunction with GJ Gardner Homes) Junior Rider Series: Harley Ferguson (Whangarei) Code-Air 1, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) Dynavyte Cancion HSH 2, Sophia Blackbourn (Tamahere) Roxette ECPH 3, Amara Green (Woodhill) Cluedo Xtreme 4, Lucas Bremner (Whangarei) Triple Star Titanium Two 5, Sophia Maud (Auckland) Soho 6.

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29 August 2022