Olivia Robertson and Grandaire – Photo Credit – Michelle Clarke


Olivia Robertson and her “old Mr Reliable” Grandaire taking the EvoEvents Horse Grand Prix at the Canterbury Championships at the weekend.

“He is such a good boy,” said the Queenstown based rider.

There were no clears in the opening round of the Tony Hutton designed course, with three combinations on four faults. All seven came back for the second where there were six clears with Olivia taking the win in 53.71 seconds, Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) and Flying Dutchman DHU second in 57.78, and Becky Harkerss (Kaikoura) aboard Kettle GNZ third in 60.94. All three finished the class on four faults.

Olivia said the focus was for clears and they were a bit unlucky a tap at the fourth in the opener resulted in four faults. “It was quite wet and slippery out there and pretty miserable, but I knew I needed to be quicker than the others (who had gone clear in the second round) but not push it so hard that you fall over. Grandaire was fantastic in the second round – it was quite boggy in parts and he tried his little guts out.”

It helped they were last to go. “I am so happy with the win. Wins are hard to come by, so I am always thrilled to have them.”

She had plenty of praise for course designer Tony Hutton. “He built some beautiful courses in rather challenging conditions. He did an amazing job of moving all the fences when it was pouring with rain and the arena looked lovely. The courses jumped really well – if you rode the tracks well then you were rewarded with clear rounds.”

Olivia is riding and teaching, and about to start a psychology degree. “My long term goal is to be a sport psychologist, more involved with equestrian and specifically with female athletes.”

Samantha Gillies (Oamaru) and Doctor Jones took the Country TV Pony Grand Prix by the slimmest of margins. She and Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) aboard Larabelle were both double clear with Samantha crossing the flags in 51.8 seconds and Johanna coming home in 51.81.


Results –

Showjumping, EvoEvents Horse Grand Prix Series (in conjunction with Kinloch Farms): Olivia Robertson (Queenstown) Grandaire 1, Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) Flying Dutchman DHU 2, Becky Harkerss (Kaikoura) Kettle GNZ 3, Nicole White (Invercargill) LC Samson 4, Makenzie Causer (Christchurch) Copabella Camouflage 5, Angus Taylor (Ohoka) Sea Coral 6.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series (in conjunction with Saddlery Barn): Samantha Gillies (Oamaru) Doctor Jones 1, Johanna Wylaars (Christchurch) Larabelle 2, Jessica Hore (Miller’s Flat) Tallyho Scoundrel 3, Molly Smith (Geraldine) Vapour Trail NZPH 4, Harriet Laing (Banks Peninsula) Springvale Tama 5, Angus Price (Winton) Fun House 6.


FMG Young Rider Series (in conjunction with Betavet): Anna Nalder (Canterbury) Letano 1,  Olivia Harkerss (Kaikoura) Lacona Ammoe 2, Makenzie Causer (Christchurch) Copabella Camouflage 3, Samantha Gillies (Oamaru) Lumarzo 4, Sophie Townsend (Darfield) My Super Nova 5, Rebecca Wardle (Hokitika) Dingmac Eccles 6.


Harrison Lane Pro-Am Rider Series (in conjunction with Hussey Paint & Panel): Molly Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Vali 1, Katie Meredith (Ohoka) Vulcan GNZ 2, Molly Buist-Brown (Christchurch) Payback 3, Rose Alfeld (Leeston) Footloose NZPH 4, Georgie McClintock (Canterbury) WHF Eclipse 5, Helen Ensor (Blenheim) Zactac Carnival 6.


Mainland Coachwork Junior Rider Series: Abigail White (Queenstown) Rocky Ridge 1, Angus Price (Winton) Veroana 2, Bella Taane (Christchurch) Wabi Sabi 3, Emma Gillies (Oamaru) Chic Xtreme 4, Meg Bisset (Blenheim) Bewitched NZPH 5, Phoebe Howson (Christchurch) Dallas NZPH 6.


Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series (in conjunction with Tavern Harewood):  Sonia McKerchar (Oamaru) Edward NZPH 1, David Hutton (Canterbury) Rolux 2, Linda Cotton (Nelson) Kingsway Khan 3, Gayle Baker (West Melton) Clariton 4, Emma Burrell (Blenheim) Pretoria HK 5, Angela Ruddenklau (Christchurch) Red Rafferty 6.



Jumping Team – 25 January 2022