We are excited…. so excited in fact that we are publishing on a Tuesday! To make it feel like Friday perhaps but no, in truth we are just so proud and delighted to celebrate the wonderful news of Melissa Galloway who is currently on her way to Holland along with her two horses Windermere J’Obéi W and Windermere Integro, where she will train with and be mentored by Anne Van Olst and Charlotte Fry as she sets the 2024 Paris Olympics firmly in her sights. The future of our sport is promising and we are proud to bring readers a glimpse of that future as our season gets underway, we also really hope that riders from across the country will all be able to join in soon as we pivot and adjust to this new normal. Massive thanks to the businesses who have brought you the Dressage NZ Bulletin this month – please make sure you support them.

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