Following the Dressage Youth Forum Participation session at the 2020 U25CH, and the Youth Netball Presentation at ESNZ AGA, four Young Riders have accepted the challenge to take the next step.   

Following Saturday Night’s BBQ, Quiz & Silent Auction at the Equestrian Entries u25CH in Taupo this weekend four riders will make a presentation as the platform for increased Youth participation in dressage – everyone welcome upstairs stadium NEC

Alyssa Harrison, Rebecca Mobberley, Piper Crake & Lucarne Dolley 

Create a safe space for young riders
Remove the ‘stigma’
Overcome the generational barrier
Achieve our goal!

Their Goal
To increase youth involvement in our incredible sport

Youth committee
A youth member on the DNZ committee
Creating a platform for youth to make this viable
Putting the many great ideas into action
With your help!