Brooke Edgecombe and LT Holst Andrea were the stars – again – of the Equissage Horse Grand Prix, this time at the Dannevirke A&P Show.

They headed home 16 other starters to take the honours in an eight-way jump-off. Brooke and the mare were mid-field in the jump-off and she knew she had to be quick if she wanted the win. “I did an inside turn about half-way through the course which she did really well and I think that is probably where I made my time,” said Brooke.

Simon Wilson (Waipukurau) and McMillans Ariados who followed her, did the same inside turn plus another heading to the last over the Chris Rogers-designed course. “I thought to myself I was travelling quite well, so just kept going round to the last. I knew Simon was still to follow and he flew around the weekend before at Hawera and there were definitely enough fast horses after me that I wasn’t totally confident when leaving the ring.”

Ahead of her Julie Davey (Hastings) and her imported mare Joligne de Carmel had kept everything in place, coming home in 43.22 seconds, with Melody Matheson (Hastings) and Cortaflex Graffiti MH also clean but slightly slower. As it was, Brooke clocked 41.02 seconds with Simon crossing the flags in 41.59 for second, Julie third and Melody fourth.

“Andrea is feeling really good at the moment and just doing everything right.” Dannevirke was their fourth Grand Prix win of the season, with two World Cup victories also to their credit.

Brooke, who holds a (race horse) training licence, likes to mix up Andrea’s training with lunging, arena schooling and trotting behind the bike, but their not-so-secret addition could be heading to the Waipukurau Race Track each week for a burst of cardio fitness and stamina training. “I try and not go out when there are actual racehorses there though,” she says. “Often I come in blowing a little more than her I think!”

All jokes aside, Brooke says it has helped a lot when backing her up after the first round to the jump-off. “She recovers a lot quicker and has the stamina and energy there at the end.”

The in-form combo will head to Takapoto Estate Show Jumping and Horse of the Year Show. “I just hoped I haven’t peaked too soon with those two still to come,” she said. “That Grand Prix and World Cup level is so strong this season. It’s good because every class you win, you really appreciate as you have had to beat quality fields to take it out.”

In the Country TV Pony Grand Prix just two of the 15 starters progressed to the jump-off where Samantha Carrington (Takapau) and Colours of Lansing came home double clear in 48.33 and runner-up Georgie Wilson (Taupo) aboard Showtym Boss also all clean but in 51.1 seconds. The victory topped off a great weekend for Samantha who also took out the FMG Young Rider class aboard Double J Breeze On and was fourth in the Equifibre Junior Rider on Double J Promise.


Results –


Jumping, Equissage Horse Grand Prix: Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Andrea 1, Simon Wilson (Waipukurau) McMillans Ariados 2, Julie Davey (Hastings) Joligne de Carmel 3, Melody Matheson (Hastings) Cortaflex Graffiti MH 4, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Central Park 5, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Mandalay Cove 6.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Colours of Lansing 1, Georgie Wilson (Taupo) Showtym Boss 2, Phoebe Howson (Napier) Aorangi Ragtime 3, Sophia Hall (Auckland) TCH Centadel 4, Milly Waldin (Havelock North) Alasaan Arzu 5, Clementine Coates (Hastings) Vapour Trail NZPH 6.


FMG Young Rider: Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Breeze On 1, Aisha Loumachi (Palmerston North) Waitangi Sky Net 2, Ike Baker (Hastings) NW Conrado 3, Alexander Mitchell (Wellington) Sir Arthur 4, Brigitte Smith (Mangaweka) HR Lanardo 5, Ike Baker (Hastings) Hawkesdale Mahe 6.


Dunstan Horse Feeds Amateur Rider: Jo Bell (Atiamuri) Mauve 1, Kaleigh Kent (Otane) Double J Sponge Bob Square Pants 2, Amelia Clark (Auckland) Master of Hossack 3, Tasha Brown (Hastings) Kiwi Cheroline 4, Alexa Dodson (Dannevirke) Loose Change 5, Emma McCutcheon (Waipawa) Neon 6.


Equifibre Junior Rider: Dylan Bibby (Onga Onga) Wenrose Vertigo 1, Sophia Hall (Auckland) Blackall Park Pennylane 2, Emma Ritchie (Havelock North) Astek Napoleon 3, Samantha Carrington (Takapau) Double J Promise 4, Kasey McKenna (Dannevirke) Clear Choice 5, Annie Moffett (Napier) Samantha the Dachshund 6.


East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series: Geordie Bull (Atiamuri) Marius, Julie Davey (Hastings) LT Holst Freda and Jesse Linton (Hastings) Keltern William=1.


Cheleken Equestrian and UltraMox Six-Year-Old Series: Heloise Tolo (Wellington) Heartline, Logan Massie (Dannevirke) Carbon Xtreme, Dirk Waldin (Havelock North) LT Holst Cor Blimey and Kathryn Alabaster (Havelock North) Haupouri Evandro =1.


Show hunter, Cartown Cat A High Points: Emily Oliver (Waikanae) Patui Ataahua 1, Pia White (Masterton) Jubilee Master Card 2, Poppy Tatham (Masterton) Skibbereen Oasis 3, Sophia Neale (Palmerston North) Sonrise Essence 4, Logan Nation (Pauatahanui) Amberfields Golden Charm 5, Lucy Oliver (Waikanae) Apache Joe 6.


Grassyards Farm Cat B High Points: Hollie Falloon (Masterton) Farleigh Catterick 1, Emily Oliver (Waikanae) Summer Fiesta 2, Libby Wilson (Taupo) Waimeha Tayza 3, Ella Easton (Levin) Matai SB 4, Louise McNelly (Masterton) Shanghigh Vixen 5, Eilidh Gloyn (Palmerston North) Rustabella 6.


Sure Grip Pony Rider Equitation 80cm: Libby Wilson (Taupo) Waimeha Tayza 1, Hollie Falloon (Masterton) Buzzie Bees Max 2, Louise McNelly (Masterton) Shanghigh Vixen 3, Charlotte Conder (Wellington) Sir Bounty Hunter 4, Hannah von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Star Waka 5, Paris Karl-Fields (Hautere) Gringo Star 6.


Aniwell Cat C High Points 90cm: Tayla O’Hara (Masterton) TRS Sniper 1, Hollie Falloon (Masterton) Buzzie Bees Max 2, Paris Karl-Fields (Hautere) Gringo Star 3, Charlotte Conder (Wellington) Sir Bounty Hunter 4, Harriet Klingender (Masterton) Tallyho Japonica 5.


Burger King and Petticoat Lane Junior and Adult Rider Equitation Combined 1m: Rebecca Conole (Masterton) Private Benjamin III 2, Debbie Trevethick (Levin) Hael 3, Antonio Matangi (Levin) ShoeShine Polish 4, Ashleigh Forde (Hastings) My Gummi Bear 5, Claudia Odlin (Te Kuiti) Rei Huia Arnie 6.


Gyro Plastics Junior High Points 1m: Hazel Jones (Porirua) Sancho 1, Kitty White (Masterton) Tripoli 2, Kitty White (Masterton) Private Benjamin III 3, Ella Miranda (Feilding) Kinnordy Go Girl 4, Ruby Liardet (Masterton) Goodview Scarlet Poppy 5, Emma Ritchie (Havelock North) Astek Napoleon 6.


The Ultimate Egg Co Amateur High Points 1m: Antonio Matangi (Levin) ShoeShine Polish 1, Debbie Trevethick (Levin) Hael 2, Diana Cottle (Wellington) Morpheus Rising 3, Rebecca Conole (Masterton) Private Benjamin III 4, Zoe Haylock (Dannevirke) Melmarie King Kong 5, Antonio Matangi (Levin) Marua 6.


NRM Horse High Points 1.1m: Chloe Hansen (Palmerston North) Kiwi Motto 1, Antonio Matangi (Levin) ShoeShine Polish 2, Ashleigh Forde (Hastings) My Gummi Bear 3, Zoe Haylock (Dannevirke) Melmarie King Kong 4.


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By Diana Dobson

3 February 2020