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Brendon and Dee Stirling love to bring together the best of proven equestrian and rider aids they can from all over the world. The latest from these huge supporters of the sport is Incrediwear – a product for both humans and horses with a focus on recovery. Daughter Savanna was the one to find it when seeking help for her own horse. “She did all the research and we saw the results ourselves so went that step further,” says Dee. “It is all about increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage through the revolutionary fabric Incrediwear uses. It is infused with semi-conductor elements, carbon and germanium. When stimulated by body heat, it releases negative ions which activate molecular vibrations and increase blood flow bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the target area.”

Incrediwear was created in 2009 by Jackson Corley. His aim was simple – to produce products that increase circulation and optimize the performance of both professional and amateur athletes. His success with humans led to an equine line with similar goals – increased circulation, faster recovery and optimized performance as well as helping to reduce swelling and inflammation leading to faster recovery of tissues. Stirling Collection carries both the human and horse lines of Incrediwear.

Dee and Brendan have been involved in a lot of sponsorship over the years through various brands under the Stirling Collection umbrella. “I love equestrian sport and particularly eventing,” says Dee. “The NZ3DE at Taupo is great because it brings everyone together for the last event of the season and is also the biggest champs. The big question is, have you peaked at the right time. Having the Oceania Champs is just the cherry on the top for us.”

The family love being part of the eventing community. “I would like to think our company provides riders with the last 5%.”

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