Following the mid-season review we are pleased to announce the following Jumping Squads until the end of the 2018-19 season.  The next review will be at the end of the season, when during winter months the pathway and squads will be reviewed.  Congratulations to the following riders:


High Performance

Rider Horse
Samantha Mcintosh Check In 2
Daniel Meech Fine
Lisa Cubitt Uncasa S
Richard Gardner Calisto 5
Bruce Goodin Backatorps Danny
Sharn Wordley Casper


High Performance Futures

Rider Horse
Lily Tootill Ulysses NZPH
Tegan Fitzsimon Windermere Cappuccino
Briar Burnett-Grant Veroana


Talent Development

Rider Horse
Brooke Edgecombe LT Holst Andrea
Emily Hayward Belischi HM
Melody Matheson Graffith MH
Tom Tarver-Priebe Popeye


Talent ID Riders

Lucinda Askin Kimberley Bird
Oliver Croucher Mikayla Herbert
Nakeysha Lammers Steffi Whittaker


Youth Riders

Olivia Apatu Samantha Carrington
Ally Carson Olivia Dalton
Blake Davies Anaabel Francis
Tayler Nalder Leeshelle Small
Emma Watson Sarah West
Sophie Townsend