ESNZ Endurance has a newly appointed Steward General. Barbara Avery of Oxford, North Canterbury is taking up the important role. As Endurance Steward General, Barbara is responsible for the stewarding at all Endurance international events within New Zealand. Although she does not have to attend every event, she will be in communication with the Chief Steward, who will prepare a written report at the end of the event.

The Steward General must be a level 2 steward, a promotion Barbara received earlier this year. Good knowledge of the rules is also a must including those of a veterinary nature. With 25 years in the sport, Barbara has vast experience of the many different sides of Endurance, which is a huge benefit. Her Officials journey started in 2008 by attending a national official’s course. She tried a mixture of official roles but found she enjoyed stewarding the most “I really got into stewarding about 5 years ago. It interests me, caring for the horse and the rider.”

Barbara is very familiar with the organisation of international events from her many times as an Organising Committee member, which is a job she has always enjoyed. She has ridden both Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding (C.T.R) and has been a groom for her two daughters.  Barbara also spent 5 years on the Endurance Board.

Barbara’s first taste of Endurance was a 40km ride on a very competitive Thoroughbred, after the blisters healed; she decided CTR might be more appropriate as you do not always see the horse in front.

Barbara says she appreciates the faith that has been put in her by the FEI and ESNZ Endurance “I’ll give it my very best shot”.

Barbara will do an annual report on Endurance Stewarding in New Zealand and this will be sent to the ESNZ Endurance Board, ESNZ Steward General Susan O’Brien and the FEI in Switzerland. Barbara will be also be working closely with the Endurance Officials Training Panel to arrange future stewards courses and recommend those who attend the courses and work as stewards for promotion