Recently there has been some confusion about the number of course errors a rider is allowed when riding at FEI tests under National rules.  The FEI rules, and the tests sheets for these FEI level tests, state that a rider is eliminated on his or her second course error.  Our National rules however state that a rider is eliminated on the third course error.  There is no specific rule within our rule book which states that our national rule of 3 course errors applies when riding an FEI level test at a National, Regional or Local competition.  The norm has been to apply the FEI rule of elimination on the second course error in FEI tests consistent with what is stated on the test sheet.  The computer system used by most shows for scoring is set up consistent with this to only allow input of 2 course errors on FEI tests.

To clarify any confusion, the current FEI tests at levels 6 and above are to be scored consistent with the test sheet which states that a rider is eliminated on the SECOND course error.  All other national rules apply.

For FEI young horse tests, children, pony riders and Junior tests the FEI rule is consistent with our national rule and elimination will only occur after 3 course errors.

Please note also that the FEI rule regarding course errors does not prohibit the Judge from allowing the rider to complete the test after elimination as our National rule does.  As such the C judge has the discretion to allow the rider to complete the test after the second course error notwithstanding that the rider is eliminated.”