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Coronavirus Updates

Equestrian Sport NZ is closely monitoring the information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

Frequently Asked Questions - General and Horse Owners

Frequently asked questions to help our members around registration refunds, entries refunds, training at the NECs and the Olympic Games.

Frequently Asked Questions - Events & Insurance

Frequently asked questions regarding events and insurance cover to assist our event organisers.

Cancelled or Postponed Events


  • 21st August Dressage Tauranga Ribbon Day (T) – POSTPONED
  • 22nd August  Dressage Wairarapa (L)  – CANCELLED
  • 22nd August Dressage Otago (L) –  CANCELLED
  • 22nd August Dressage Northland  Riders & Judges Discussion Day – POSTPONED
  • 29th August Northern Equestrian Group – CANCELLED 
  • 29th August Dressage Taupo – Postponed Until 12th September – Under Review 
  • 5th September – Dressage Canterbury CANCELLED  
  • 5th September – Waikato Equestrian Centre CANCELLED
  • 5th September – Dressage Wairarapa Postponed Until 3rd October
  • 11/12th September Dressage Rotorua – CANCELLED 
  • 11th September Dressage Taranaki – CANCELLED 
  • 12th September Dressage Ashburton – CANCELLED 
  • 25th/26th September Dressage Marlborough Summer Series 
  • 10th October Dressage Waitemata CANCELLED 
  • 16/17 October Dressage Central Districts Premier League POSTPONED until 11/12 FEBRUARY 
  • 17 October Dressage Waikato CANCELLED  
  • 17 October Dressage Northland Postponed New Date TBC 
  • 17 October Dressage Auckland Manukau POSTPONED until 21 NOVEMBER 
  • 19/21 November Dressage Auckland Manukau Premier League POSTPONED until 11/12/13  FEBRUARY 


  • 19-20 August Eventing Canterbury at Eyreton Pony Club in Mandeville – CANCELLED
  • 4-5 September event at Taupo NEC – CANCELLED
  • 18-19 September 2021 at Hamilton – CANCELLED
  • 30-31 October 2021 Northland @ Barge Park – CANCELLED
  • 9-10 October 2021 Taupo Event – POSTPONDED – DATE TBC


  • 21-22 August Endurance to be run at Thornton Beach, by the Waikato club – CANCELLED
  • 29th August Waitaki Endurance and CTR Club at  Mt Somers Station – CANCELLED
  • 4th September Ruahine Endurance Club at Scotts Ferry – CANCELLED
  • 11/12 September Wairarapa Endurance & CTR Club  at Clareville – CANCELLED
  • 11/12 September Waikato Endurance Club at Thornton Beach – CANCELLED
  • 25/26 September Kohuratahi Endurance Riding Club at Maramarua – CANCELLED
  • 10th October  Kohuratahi Endurance Riding Club at Maramarua – CANCELLED
  • 16/17 October Waikato Endurance Club’s event at Cambridge – POSTPONED.  New date TBC


  • Cambridge & Palmerston North OC Seminars  – CANCELLED, now being held online. Please register here
  • 21-22 August Woodhill Sands Jumping – POSTPONED
  • 28-29 August Woodhill Sands Show Hunter – POSTPONED
  • 4-5 September Woodhill Sands Jumping – POSTPONED
  • 5 September Combined Sports – POSTPONED
  • 11-12 September Pukahu Show – CANCELLED
  • 11-12 September Woodhill Sands Show Hunter – POSTPONED
  • 18-19 September Woodhill Sands Show Hunter – POSTPONED
  • 19 September Northland Jumping Round 1 – POSTPONED
  • 25 September Gisborne Pony Club Sports – POSTPONED
  • 26 September Northland Jumping Round 2 – POSTPONED
  • 1-3 October Trinity Hill/APL Series Show – CANCELLED
  • 2-3 October Woodhill Sands – POSTPONED
  • 8-10 October Eastern Bay Jumping & Show Hunter– POSTPONED
  • 14-16 October Poverty Bay A&P – CANCELLED
  • 16-17 October Woodhill Sands Jumping– POSTPONED
  • 16-17 October Waikato Show Hunter Spring Show– POSTPONED
  • 16-17 October Otago Spring Show– CANCELLED
  • 21-22 October Hawkes Bay A&P – CANCELLED
  • 29-31 October Wairarapa A&P Show – CANCELLED
  • 29-31 October Equifest North Island– CANCELLED
  • 30-31 October Woodhill Sands Jumping– POSTPONED
  • 5-7 November Show Jumping Waikato– CANCELLED
  • 6-7 November Manawatu A&P Show– CANCELLED
  • 6-7 November Show Hunter Waitemata Summer Show #1– POSTPONED
  • 10-12 November NZ Agricultural Show– CANCELLED
  • 11-13 November Central Hawkes Bay A&P Show– CANCELLED
  • 16 November Waverley A&P Show– CANCELLED
  • 19-21 November Egmont A&P Show– CANCELLED
  • 20-21 November Auckland Show Hunter – POSTPONED
  • 26-28 November Stratford A&P Show 2021– POSTPONED

Alert Level System

UPDATED 22/10/2021

Northland is at Alert Level 2. 

Auckland is at Alert Level 3 – Step 1 with some restrictions eased.  This will be reviewed on 1 November 2021.

Parts of Waikato are at Alert Level 3.   This will be reviewed on 27 October 2021.

The rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2.


Covid-19 Toolkit

The following toolkit has been put together to assist Area Groups/Clubs and Organising Committees with navigating Covid-19 requirements now and in the event of possible future outbreaks.


how to apply

Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund

Sport NZ has created a $25 million package to provide further short-term relief for organisations at all levels of sport and active recreation. 

If you are an ESNZ area group or club (for Endurance) you can apply to for this fund.

The below links are to assist Area Groups/clubs with the application process.   If Area Groups/Clubs have any issues please call your sport managers in the first instance.


Other useful links and resources

The following information may assist with determining what equestrian activity may be possible under each Alert Level, but Equestrian Sports NZ reiterate it is up to individual area groups/clubs to make decisions, based upon their own circumstances and applicable Government directives.

Managing Health Risks

Managing your risk of exposure to the Coronavirus is essential to maintaining good health. At this time, please be aware of good hygiene and using common sense in your everyday activities in order to prevent the spread of this virus.

We recommend regularly washing your hands with soap and water or an alcohol based hand sanitiser; practice safe sneeze and cough hygiene; avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands; avoid close contact with people who are sick; and disinfect and clean “often touched” objects and surfaces to help reduce your risk of exposure.

We will continue to monitor this issue and provide updates as needed.

Useful Links

New Zealand Government Covid-19 website

Ministry of Heath – Current situation