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Coronavirus Updates

Equestrian Sport NZ is closely monitoring the information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

Latest Coronavirus News

Click here for the latest news and information on Coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions - General and Horse Owners

Frequently asked questions to help our members around registration refunds, entries refunds, training at the NECs and the Olympic Games.

Frequently Asked Questions - Events & Insurance

Frequently asked questions regarding events and insurance cover to assist our event organisers.

Frequently Asked Questions - FEI and Olympic Games

FEI Frequently asked questions regarding Toyko 2020 and Championship qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions - How to Stay Active

Common questions being asked regarding how to stay active during COVID-19 lockdown.

Equestrian Sport NZ is closely monitoring the information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. Our number one priority is the safety and welfare of our members, staff and their families. While the current number of cases in New Zealand is very low, we recognise the growing concerns of our community with respect to the potential for an increase in cases in coming weeks.

We have been monitoring all the information provided to us by the New Zealand Olympic Committee, High Performance Sport NZ, Sport NZ and the Ministry of Health. Any updates or information that comes forward and is available for the public will be shared on the ESNZ website and social media accounts. If there is a directive about events being held in New Zealand we will share that immediately and work with disciplines to understand what that means for them.

The International Olympic Committee last week reaffirmed its commitment to holding the Games in Japan in July and August as planned. A joint task force has been established and they are looking at countermeasures to ensure the games are safe and secure for athletes and spectators alike.

Statement from ESNZ Board – 18/3/2020


Equestrian Sports NZ has announced this morning it will cancel all ESNZ events in Jumping, Dressage and Para-equestrian, Eventing and Endurance for a three-month period effective immediately. This will be reviewed at the end of April or as required.

The decision has not been made lightly and is in response to the Government directive on mass gatherings. The cancellation does have a financial affect on the sport and is disappointing but it is the responsible course of action. Many other sports have reduced or cancelled sporting gatherings including club games and training.

ESNZ Chair Lynda Clark said the board’s first priority was the safety of people and it had a duty of care to look after its members, officials, volunteers and riders at this time.  “Social distancing needs to be practiced and we cannot do this effectively if we are condoning the continuation of events,” she said.

“We care about our people and we need to make sure we are not compromising members, officials and volunteers. We are aware that an early end to the season will be disappointing for some but we need to make a decision to provide clarity to organising committees and to ensure people can make plans.”

Officials and volunteers should not feel compelled to officiate at any events in the next three months if they are asked, personal safety is of the utmost importance. ESNZ organising committees, including area groups, and those using ESNZ rules, should not be running any events in the next three months.

The situation continues to develop in New Zealand and around the world and ESNZ will endeavour to keep everyone informed as much as possible.  The Government has indicated there may be a tightening of the rules around mass gatherings in the next week. We will review this situation as it comes to hand.

A Covid-19 page has been developed on the ESNZ website with cancellation notices, updates and any information that comes to hand. Please use this to keep up to date.

For ESNZ staff, there are travel restrictions in place and all staff are being asked to be vigilant. No hotel accommodation is permitted and the central office will be monitored daily. A business continuity plan is in place should the office need to be closed.

For further information please contact CEO Dana Kirkpatrick on [email protected]

Cancelled ESNZ Events & Official Seminars

  • Cancelled Dressage Events
  • Cancelled Endurance Events
  • Cancelled Eventing Events
  • Cancelled Jumping Events
  • Cancelled Para-Equestrian Events
  • Cancelled / Postponed Official Seminars
March 2020
  • 21-22nd: Dressage Southland Autumn
  • 22nd: Dressage Waitemata Autumn Day 1
  • 25-28th: Dressage and Para-Equestrian Championships
  • 26-29th: National Championships
  • 29th:  Gisborne Dressage Autumn Series – Day 1
    • NEG Summer Series Day 2
    • Saddlery Warehouse Nelson Dressage Training Day
    • Waikato Equestrian Centre Day 1
    • Warkworth Dressage Local Day
April 2020
  • 4-5th: Central Otago Dressage Autumn Tournament
  • 5th: AMDG Autumn Accumulator Day 2
    • Dressage Hawke’s Bay Autumn Series Day 1
    • Taupo Dressage Ribbon Day 2
  • 12th: Morrinsville/Te Aroha Dressage Group Autumn Series Day 1
  • 19th: Gisborne Dressage Autumn Series Day 2
    • NLEC Day 1 Autumn Series
    • Solway Dressage Autumn Series Day 1
    • SCNO Dressage Autumn Show
    • Waikato
    • Warkworth Dressage Training Day
  • 26th: Ashburton Dressage Group
    • NEG Summer Series Day 3
    • Nelson Dressage Winter Series #1
    • Northland
    • Waikato Equestrian Centre Day 2
  • 27th: Taranaki Dressage ANZAC Tournament
    • Dressage Waitemata Local Day
May 2020
  • 2-3rd: Rotorua Wendy Richards Memorial Show
  • 3rd: AMDG Autumn Accumulator Day 3
    • Canterbury Dressage Winter Series 1
    • Dressage Hawke’s Bay Autumn Series Day 2
    • WCEG Winter Dressage Day 1
  • 10th: Horowhenua Dressage Group May Ribbon Day
  • 17th: Morrinsville/Te Aroha Dressage Group Autumn Series Day 2
    • NLEC Day 2 Autumn Series
    • Northland
    • Solway Dressage Autumn Series Day 2
    • Dressage Waitemata
  • 24th: Ashburton Dressage Group
    • Gisborne Dressage Autumn Series Day 3
  • 30-31st: Central Districts Winter Show
  • 31st: NEG May Day
    • Nelson Dressage Winter Series #2
    • Waikato Equestrian Centre Day 3
June 2020
  • 7th: Canterbury Dressage Winter Series 2
    • Dressage Hawke’s Bay Autumn Series Day 3
    • WCEG Winter Dressage Series Day 2
  • 13-14th: Taranaki Dressage Winter Weekender
  • 14th: Horowhenua Dressage Group June Ribbon Day

21-22 March 2020, Northland Eventing
28-29 March 2020, Eventing Central Districts

28-29 March 2020, Ryal Bush – Southland

4-5 April 2020, Hamilton

10-11 April 2020, Northern Hawkes Bay

18-19 April 2020, Matamata

25-26 April 2020, Christchurch
25-26 April 2020, Central & Southern Hawke’s Bay Eventing

7-10 May 2020, NZ Three Day Event – Taupo

28-29 March 2020, Waitemata Show Jumping
28-29 March 2020, Clareville Classic
28-29 March 2020, SCNO Season Finale
3-5 April 2020, Glistening Waters Series Final

Jumping Series Awards Notifications and Prizegiving – Jumping is in discussion about notification and awarding prizes for the Jumping Series and will provide a further update shortly.

25-28 March 2020, Dressage and Para-Equestrian Championships,

List of NZ Seminars that have been cancelled or postponed

  • FEI Refresher Seminar for Jumping Stewards. This course will no longer go ahead on 2-3 April 2020, but is likely to be held 25-26 October 2020, still in Wellington.  Please do not re-book flights or accommodation until this is confirmed.
  • FEI Level 1 for Promotion Seminar for Jumping Stewards. This course will no longer go ahead on 4-6 April 2020, but we are looking at 22-24 October 2020, in Hastings.  Please do not re-book flights or accommodation until this is confirmed.
  • Also – Equestrian Australia have cancelled their FEI Refresher Seminar for Jumping Course Designers, which was calendared for 31 March – 1 April 2020, Sydney. A new date will be advised asap.
  • Promotion, transfer and maintenance courses for FEI Eventing Officials. These courses will no longer go ahead on 7-10 May, in Taupo but we are looking to run them in early December.  Please do not re-book flights or accommodation until we have confirmed the new dates.
  • Promotion and transfer courses for Endurance Official Veterinarians and Veterinary Treatment Officials, these courses will no longer go ahead on 23-24 May 2020, Wellington.  New dates will be announced shortly

List of NZ Seminars under review

  • National Officials’ seminars and courses. Check your discipline website pages for these in the coming months as to whether they will differ from normal.

ESNZ Insurance for cancellation of flights and accommodation

For those officials that have booked travel and accommodation for the above courses, please note the following.

If the course has been postponed, please contact your airline and accommodation provider to see about moving your booking to an alternative date. 

If the course has been cancelled indefinitely or changed to different location and you are unable to get a refund, then ESNZ may be able to assist you by putting in a claim with our insurers.  Flights and accommodation must have been booked prior to the 2 March 2020 and confirmation of booking is required to make a claim.  Please email Emma for more information or to make a claim [email protected]

Managing Health Risks

Managing your risk of exposure to the Coronavirus is essential to maintaining good health. At this time, please be aware of good hygiene and using common sense in your everyday activities in order to prevent the spread of this virus.

We recommend regularly washing your hands with soap and water or an alcohol based hand sanitiser; practice safe sneeze and cough hygiene; avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands; avoid close contact with people who are sick; and disinfect and clean “often touched” objects and surfaces to help reduce your risk of exposure.

We will continue to monitor this issue and provide updates as needed.

Useful Links

New Zealand Government Covid-19 website

Ministry of Heath – Current situation

New Zealand Travel Status

(as of March 17, 2020)


Avoid All Non-Essential Travel Overseas

SafeTravel now advise all New Zealanders to avoid all non-essential travel overseas due to the outbreak of COVID-19, associated health risks and travel restrictions.

A number of countries and territories are currently experiencing an active outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). There have been significant travel disruptions globally. A number of countries and territories have announced they are closing their borders to or introducing movement restrictions on foreign nationals, including Australia, and these are changing very quickly. Border restrictions may apply to New Zealanders, including those seeking to transit through these countries or territories to New Zealand.

Be aware that you may be placed in quarantine, be required to self-isolate or be subject to strict movement restrictions. Your travel insurance may be affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Contact your travel insurer if you have questions or concerns about whether you are covered by your insurance policy for any potential COVID-19 related expenses. Make sure you can access money to cover emergencies and unexpected delays.   

Although individual destination pages on SafeTravel may not display an ‘avoid non-essential travel’ advice level, New Zealanders should carefully consider their need to travel overseas at this time and defer any non-essential travel. This advice applies to all overseas destinations. 

Higher Risk Destinations

We continue to advise that New Zealanders do not travel to some locations, including China and Iran due to COVID-19.

New Zealanders in these areas should be aware of the limits on consular assistance that can be provided. The New Zealand Government may not be able to assist you if you are detained, injured or otherwise prevented from leaving these areas. The New Zealand Government will not assist with facilitating travel to these areas and you should not expect that the New Zealand Government will facilitate your departure.

Returning to New Zealand

From Sunday 15 March 2020 every person entering New Zealand from anywhere in the world, apart from the Pacific, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and register with Healthline (0800 358 5453). These measures are temporary and will be reviewed after a period of 16 days on 31 March 2020.

There are also temporary restrictions on travellers arriving in New Zealand from mainland China or Iran as a precautionary measure to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

For more information see the Immigration New Zealand website and factsheet on COVID-19 . You can also call Immigration New Zealand on 0508 225 288 (within New Zealand) or +64 9 952 1679 (outside New Zealand).

Border Restrictions

For information on countries and territories which have COVID-19 related border restrictions affecting foreign nationals, including travellers in transit, see the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website. 

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade does not provide immigration advice for entry to other countries and territories.  The border authorities of the country or territory you are travelling to determine your eligibility for entry.  If you choose to travel despite our advice, consult the official website or the nearest embassy or consulate of your country or territory of destination to find out about any border controls that may apply to you before travelling

Pacific Island Countries:

Pacific Island countries are introducing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to their countries.  If you choose to travel to Pacific Island countries despite our advice, check the entry requirements for their destination before travelling.

Samoa has reduced the frequency of international flights from New Zealand to Samoa.  Contact your airline, travel agent, accommodation provider and travel insurance provider to confirm your travel and related arrangements.  Airlines and other travel providers will have the most up-to-date information about flight availability.

Travellers entering Samoa from, or transiting through, New Zealand are required to undergo a medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within three days before arrival.  The medical clearance report will be required at check-in prior to the issuing of a boarding pass.