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Covid Protection Framework Toolkit

Guidance, resources and templates to assist Area Groups/Clubs and Organising Committees with navigating Covid Protection Framework requirements.

ESNZ Covid-19 Protection Framework

Updated 5/04/2022

The changes for Red settings will take place from 11.59pm on Monday 4th April.

Area Groups/Clubs and OC’s will still be able to use vaccines passes if they choose to – this should be based on the Area Group/Club or OC carrying out a risk assessment before choosing to run in this way.

ESNZ and NZPCA strongly encourage all activities to be as inclusive as possible.

Covid-19 risk mitigation document for Area Groups/OCs

With the assistance of the team at Taranaki Show Jumping, you can download their example of a risk mitigation document. Huge thanks to Tanya for her work and agreeing to share. This is an example specific to the Taranaki event. While some of the mitigation strategies may be the same it needs to be specific to your event/gathering.

With regards to the Risk mitigation doc:

  1. On page 1 of Appendix 2. The letters in the grid stand for the following. E = Extreme, H = High, M= Medium and L= Low
  2. The initial Risk score is based on looking at the activity and placing it in the risk matrix grid. Then provide preventative measures and retest to get your residual Risk Score.
  3. To continue you want to ensure you are mitigating risks to levels of Low wherever possible. When you can’t do this you need to ensure your plan reduces the risk as much as possible and then determine whether you are still happy to continue.
  4. Please ensure you have a risk mitigation strategy for any officials that will be travelling interisland. In particular the risk around them needing to self-isolate should they become a “close contact” at your gathering.

Gathering vs Event

We can now confirm the definitions of Gatherings v Events. They are as follows.

What is a gathering?

A gathering is people who are intermingling in a group but excludes people who remain at least 2 metres away from each other, so far as reasonably practicable. It includes gatherings to undertake voluntary or not-for-profit sporting, recreational, social or cultural activities

What is an event?

An event is an activity organised by a business or service that is held at commercial premises or private premises, publicly owned premises for the purpose of the activity, or an outdoor area where a group of customers and clients is accompanied or supervised by a worker providing services to that group (for example, a guided tour). Entry is controlled through ticketing, fees, registration or by any other means. It excludes any activities at a private home.

Under these definitions we see our sport fitting into the Gatherings definition, and we are therefore recommending that the guidelines used are in relation to the gatherings.  We realise there may be one or two cases where we are running “Events” and we will provide clarity and support to the committees or groups running these events.

Record Keeping Options


Any contact tracing register or record keeping system that you use must collect this information:

  • Full name
  • Phone number and/or email
  • Address
  • Date
  • Time in and out
  • Signature

Create your own

Create your own or download a register form at

Make sure your register is hygienic. Assign someone to complete the register for your event or visitors, so only one person is touching the pen and paper. Or sanitise the
pen after every use, and ask users to sanitise hands before and after writing their details.

Keep your register in a secure place for 2 months.  After 2 months from the date of record, you must destroy the register.

Equestrian Entries

If your event uses Equestrian Entries, then great news, they have adapted their software to include contract tracing.  It will be able to create a log of all Officials, Volunteers, riders and their support team. 

Event Secretaries will find instructions on how to use the added functionally in the knowledge base (link below).  They also plan to hold some online sessions for secretaries.

If you would like more information about how Equestrian Entries can help your event please contact them via one of the following:


iDMe is a touch free sign in and contact register and the best news is that iDMe is FREE for all non-commercial use relating to community sport within New Zealand.

Every sports organisation, club and school in New Zealand has now been turned on for the QR code scanner module. If you are a sports administrator, you can get started with the QR Scanner by finding your organisation in the Sporty directory here.  If your Area Group/Club or Organising Committee is not showing in the directory please contact [email protected]

Then follow these instructions once you’re on the Sporty page for your organisation.


Main-Events Online entry makes it easy for organisers to comply with COVID-19 Tracing requirements as all contact details are captured during the online entry process including names of any others accompanying the rider. Then on arrival, the participant checks in online at And checks out online at the end of the show. Spectators not associated with a rider can also check in online without entering the show provided they are registered as a User on No need to go to the office!

Main-Events has always been able to track officials and volunteers attending the show and capture their details as well so we can offer an all inclusive system for ESNZ shows. Shows are invited to try the system out as we are offering free online entry for small shows and training days over the winter – no strings attached.

For further information, contact Victoria Martin at [email protected] 

Resources, Templates and Guidelines

If there is a particular template that you are after than is not in our toolkit, please let [email protected] know and we will do our best to provide you with what you require or point you in the right direction.