New Zealand Young Event Horse Championships 2024
National Equestrian Centre Taupo – Sunday May 12th

Things are hotting up as a classy selection of New Zealand’s best young eventing horses prepare for the biggest challenge of their fledgling careers this weekend – a shot at the NZ Young Event Horse Championship title and the coveted Mary Bowling Memorial Trophy.

This year sees a record 24 young horses line up in the New Zealand Warmblood Association Sponsored class.  The class is open to 4 and 5 year old horses and they are assessed in a unique way to select the eventual winners and placegetters.  Over the course of Sunday morning these horses will be judged by a panel of experts in Dessage, over cross country type fences and show jumps,  and will also be scored on their conformation and gallop.

Alongside the overall title of NZ Young Event Horse Champion there are additional prizes for the Leading Mare, Leading 4 year old and the Leading Thoroughbred.

This year more emphasis than ever has been placed on the horses having proof of correct age and breeding, with the rules stating that all horses should have papers of a passport to prove their date of birth and pedigree.  Whilst this is easy for the riders and owners of thoroughbred horses (where all horses are registered at birth) those on purpose-bred horses have had to make the effort to get their horses into an approved Stud Book or Registry.  This has been well received by the riders and this year only 5 horses are entered with no breed papers.  This is a great step towards raising the integrity of the class and being able to shine more light on the breeders and breeding of our future eventing champions.

There are 8 thoroughbreds entered in the class – six of whom are New Zealand bred, with two being by the Champion racehorse Mongolian Khan, and there are two that are Australian born and bred.  There are also 13 New Zealand Warmblood Horses entered, with only one of these being by a European based stallion and the influence of the Euro Sport Horses stallions being quite evident.

The startlist is as follows:

Haupouri Jewellery 2018 Mare (Candy De Nantuel ex Fattori NZPH by Orlando) No Stud Book
Breeder:  Haupouri Sport Horses  Rider:  Josh Adamson

Balou Moon 2019 Mare (Baloubert TMS ex Moonstone Molly by Unknown) NZWB      
Breeder:  Denise McGiven  Rider:  Jessica Amohanga                 

LV Balou Access 2019 Gelding (Baloubert TMS ex LV Access Denied xx by Niagara xx) NZWB
Breeder:  Little Valley Farm  Rider:  Jessica Amohanga               

Suncourt Ciento 2018 Mare (Euro Sport Centavos ex Pendle Angelika by Riblah ox) NZWB
Breeder:  Jane Callaghan  Rider:  Jane Callaghan                                                       

Coroglen Aurora 2019 Mare (Euro Sport Diamant B ex Coroglen Ziva by Unknown) No Stud Book
Breeder:  Charlotte Edwards  Rider:  Charlotte Edwards            

Mustangs Gasgas  2019 Gelding (Mustangs Roulette ex Warpaint Jazz by Unknown) No Stud Book
Breeder: Jonelle Gray of Oakhaven Sporthorses  Rider:   Charlotte Edwards

Mabel 2018 Mare (Vadamos xx ex Glam Girl xx by Galileo xx) NZTB
Breeder:  T W Archer Trust Rider:  Kate Flemming  NZTB Studbook name:  Krone (NZ) 2018      

Gael Force 2019 Mare (Double J Typhoon ex Air Hill Bambi by Tabasco xx) No Stud Book
Breeder:  Todd Gloyn  Rider:  Todd Gloyn

Tokyo 2018 Gelding (Mongolian Kahn xx ex Cape City xx by Kappstad xx) NZTB
Breeder:  Alchemy Family Trust & Windsor Park Stud Ltd  Rider:  Dana Hawkins

Fitzy 2019 Gelding (Fugato ex Flying Fantasy xx / Falkirk xx) NZWB       
Breeder:  Anne Nichol   Rider:   Dana Hawkins  NZWB Registered Name:  Flying Fitzroy IS

Scout’s Prophet 2018 Gelding (Power xx ex Stylish Achiever xx by Fastnet Rock xx) NZTB
Breeder:   B J Lindsay MNZM & Mrs J E A Lindsay  Rider:  Laura Llyod  NZTB Studbook name:  The Prophet Speaks (NZ) 2018

Double J Icon 2018 Gelding (Euro Sport Diamant B ex Annie by Voltaire II)  NZWB (Pending)
Breeder:  Robyn Jacobs  Rider:  Andrea MacFarlane                                  

Valdez 2018 Gelding (Alamosa xx ex Valderama xx by Elusive City xx)  NZTB
Breeder:  M I Deans & Mrs L McCalmont-Deans            Rider:  Holly McInnes

Benny MSNZ 2018 Gelding (Bently Van De Heffinck ex Nesha by Salute the Stars) NZWB (Pending) 
Breeder:  Bini Newsom            Rider:  Ashleigh Mckinstry

Impulse 2018 Mare (Euro Sport Centavos ex Waitui Hope xx by Grosvenor xx) NZWB (Pending)
Breeder:  Stephanie Rathglen  Rider:  Ashleigh Mckinstry                        

FF Laboni 2019 Mare (FF Lisandro ex FF Falenciaga by Dolany) NZWB
Breeder:  J Van Roon Fanfaire Equestrian  Rider:  Sarah Milne 

Tobruk 2018 Gelding (The Bold One xx ex Taatledoya xx by Faltaat xx)  NZTB
Breeder:  P F Baker, A J Castles, D A McKenzie, G D Milne & S A Sharrock  Rider:  Karen Patrick          

Flash 2018 Gelding (Cartier GNZ ex Bee by Unknown) No Stud Book                 
Breeder:  Rebecca Roigard  Rider:  Rebecca Roigard

Chilly 2018 Gelding (American Pharoah xx ex November Rain xx by Stravinsky xx) Aus TB
Breeder:  Goodson & Perron Family Trust  Rider:  Shelley Ross  Australian TB Studbook name:  The Refrigerator (AUS) 2018

Double J Lyric 2018 Mare (Double J Repicharge ex On Tune NZPH by Fetiche du Pas)  NZWB
Breeder:  Wendy Jacobs  Rider:  Hannah Steens

Ethereal  2018 Mare  (SP Blue Eyed Ghost ex A Flying Change by Unknown)  NZWB (Pending)
Breeder:  Julia Thompson  Rider:  Julia Thompson

Lookatmenow 2019 Gelding (Pariah xx out of Shamar xx by Street Cry xx) Aus TB
Breeder:  Yulong Investments Yulong Stud  Rider:  Larissa Thyne  Australian TB Stud Book name:  Notworthwatching (AUS) 2019

Ajax VWNZ 2019 Gelding (Arlento ST ex Princess VWNZ by Showtym Levado GNZ) NZWB (Pending)
Breeder:  Vicki Wilson  Rider:  Vicki Wilson                                   

The Jungle King 2018 Stallion (Mongolian Kahn xx ex Viva Roma xx by Spartacus xx)  NZTB
Breeder:  Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry (NZ) Ltd  Rider:  Vicki Wilson

Dangerous Affair RF 2018 Gelding  (Daminos ex Casual Affair xx by Mastercraftsman xx) NZWB 
Breeder:  Rose Flats Equestrian  Rider:  Vicki Wilson