Para dressage combo Louise Duncan and Showcase BC have placed third in their opening Grade IV Test A at the Leader Equine Dressage Spectacular at Boneo Park in Melbourne.

The Kiwis scored 67.454% and drew plenty of admiration from the commentators. “I am so proud of my wonderful unicorn,” said the hairdresser from Levin who is chasing a Paris qualification at the event.

But it wasn’t all a dream run. “Showcase had a reaction to insects yesterday and we had a pretty tense night hoping he would be okay today. He had a great night in the box, his skin looked great this morning and we were all good to go.”

The warmblood had felt good warming up, and despite the rain, the surface had been fantastic. “Mum had been doing training sessions with me, but this morning Andrea Raves armed me up on Zoom which was really helpful,” says Louise. “I was feeling really chilled going into the arena, given the warm-up had gone so well.”

The horse more than rose to the occasion and had “really put his best hoof forward”.
“I know there’s more expression available in his work, but we rode a bit conservatively today just to have a good experience – and we did. It felt amazing at such an incredible venue , bring on tomorrow.”

The class was won by Dianne Barnes and Sorena on 70%, with Zoe Vorenas aboard Wis Forte second on 68.981%.

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By Diana Dobson – HP Media Liaison