Emily Twort and Cameo KSNZ – Winners of the Carousel Equestrian Amateur High Points Series 2023-2024 with Georgia Allison, sponsored rider from Carousel Equestrian.  Photo by Michelle Clarke.


  • Carousel Equestrian Amateur High Points Series


Emily Twort has pulled off a very special hattrick, winning the Carousel Equestrian Amateur High Points Series for the third year on the trot.

She and Cameo KSNZ were also second in both the NRM Open High Points and Petticoat Lane Performance Horses Adult Equitation Series.

Emily is a bit of an ace at show hunter, a discipline she’s being successfully competing in since she was just 10.

“It is pretty special to win the amateur three times in a row, but our plan is always to just go out and have fun,” she says. “We absolutely love it. Cameo really loves competing and showing off. It is one of her favourite things and she just picks up and gets so excited when she thinks everyone is watching her. It is right up there with galloping along the beach.”

Emily’s two mares – Cameo KSNZ and Camaro KSNZ – are full sisters and she says the only way she can juggle riding with her job as an engineering geologist is thanks to mum Rachel Gillon.

“I genuinely couldn’t do it without her,” says Emily. Rachel competes Camaro at level 3 dressage. “It’s pretty handy having a second rider in the family.”

Right there supporting Emily’s passion is also dad Warren Twort and husband Matt Strain.

“There’s a bit of a funny story to Cameo. Dad sold his Harley Davidson and bought Cameo as my first hack when I was 17.”

He would pull out a photo of the horse to show his mates just what his ‘new Harley’ looked like.

“We had no idea Cameo would become who she is. She is half Clydie and is now so extremely confident in herself and miss consistent. She really is my best friend. She is so dramatic but I think that helps a lot when we go out to compete.”

They’ve been together nine seasons now but their friendship did hit a little road bump when Emily brought home Camaro. “Cameo went to the corner of the paddock and sulked for three days. She didn’t want food or to go riding. She is very possessive of me.”

Cameo and Camaro are now inseparable. “They are extremely good at shows together which takes a lot of stress off our plates.”

Emily and Rachel often take the mares out hacking together. Camaro is a very different horse to ride and has taken more to the warmblood side of their breeding. “She can be more anxious in the ring and not so confident. She has improved so much since I got her and has just taken a little more time.”

Show hunter is certainly Emily’s happy place. “I just love being out there with them. It is one of my favourite things. Having fun is why we ride – it is not even about competing and ribbons, but just being in the ring and having fun.”

She says she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she and Cameo did the open high points final at the Land Rover Horse of the Year. “I was just going round smiling – everything was coming up perfectly.” And they won!

She tends not to chase the series, and the results are a bonus from the shows she usually attends. “We compete in a sport that is up to a person’s opinion and you can just do the best you can on the day. At HOY it is neat because you get to watch a lot more, which is fun. We are all cheerleaders for each other.”

In her early riding days she had plenty of dressage training with the likes of Wendi Williamson and Vanessa Way, as well as jump coach Lisa Coupe. “I wouldn’t be the rider I am today without that good base.”

It’s been a busy summer for Emily, who also got married in January. She and horses will have a little chill time over weekend but she never fully turns them out as they tend to get a little bored. “We’ll just do fun rides but nothing super serious and then start them again in the spring.”

She extended a big thank you to Carousel Equestrian for their sponsorship.


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Diana Dobson – 22 March 2024