For those of you have attended Eventing Taranaki’s annual horse trials, you will know about the amazing BBQ that Eventing Taranaki puts on free for riders, officials and supporters on the Saturday night.  This is not your sausage in bread type BBQ, but an amazing array of salads and BBQ meats.  These are prepared by our wonderful caterer, Kelly Megchelse (usually with the help of her mother). 

Kelly joined Eventing Taranaki ten years ago, at a time where Eventing Taranaki had been in recession for a number of years and has held the role of Secretary, as well as Event Caterer ever since.  The small Eventing Taranaki committee worked to reinstate an annual horse trial event in Taranaki and have run many successful events. 

An important focus for the event was the social side, and the free BBQ on the Saturday was a way of bringing everyone out from their trucks, to share some food, catch up with old friends and make new ones. 

This year will be Kelly’s last year with Eventing Taranaki, and she will be sorely missed for her organisational skills as committee secretary, as well as the wonderful catering she provides for the officials throughout the event and everyone on Saturday night. 

Eventing Taranaki Horse Trials are being held on 3rd & 4th February 2024 and the organising committee looks forward to inviting you to attend Kelly’s last BBQ on Saturday night.


Karen Sorensen

Eventing Tarakani


Kelly Megchelse on the hunt feild