Today’s Friday Tip is a handy hint on understanding exactly what those article numbers mean, so grab yourself a rulebook or open the rules online and follow along.  Today we are using an example from the LRHOY schedule, which is pertinent to several classes.


Classes under Articles (ii)  273.4.3  What does this mean?

Article 273 – Competition over Two rounds, meaning penalties are accumulated, and the final result is based on least penalties over both rounds.  Where equal penalties then the time in the second round determines the order of placings.


Art  – First round against the clock, where there are equal penalties this is used to determine who will return for the second round.  (Noting all clears will return)


Art (ii) – …the exact number (or percentage) of riders to return for the second round based on their penalties and time in the first round; in any case all athletes without penalties in the first round will return for the second round.  This number is stipulated in the conditions and schedule.

This means that all clear rounds return for the second round, and where there are less than the stipulated number (e.g 6 or 10) then the number to return will be the stipulated number (e.g. 6 or 10) and based on lowest penalties, and time in the first round where there are equal penalties.

Art 273.4.3 – The classification will be established according to aggregate Penalties over both rounds and the time incurred in the second round. Classification of Athletes not qualified for the second round will be placed according to their Penalties and time in the first round (Article 3.3.1).


You can read all this on pages 71-73 in the Jumping Rules


Happy Friday


Jumping Team

19 January 2024