With the wet weather still hammering many parts of the country, we are able to look forward to an exciting Spring Eventing season just around the corner!

Thanks to the experienced and hard working Technical Advisory Group for their revision of the ESNZ Eventing Rules for 2023/2024. These are available on the ESNZ website here  and are effective from 1st August 2023. You can view the changes in the “marked up copy” where a change is indicated by a red mark in the margin. Please ensure you make yourself aware of the Eventing Rules prior to your competition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Eventing Sport Manager, Hayley Daigle: [email protected] or 027 379 3643

You can purchase a hard copy of the ESNZ Eventing Rules from the ESNZ website here

A summary of the changes below:


  • A Fall in Dressage is Elimination (Article 634 4.1)
  • Back numbers to be worn in all phases for Athletes at 1* and below (Article 651)
  • Back numbers to be worn in schooling and XC for Athletes 2* and above (Article 651)
  • Individual Classification of Results to include Athlete with highest positive Dressage points (Article 641 2.3)
  • Helmet Tags to be worn on the left side strap (Article 655 1.2)
  • Wording clarified around Dress (Article 655 5.1)


  • Nose nets may be used (Article 656 2.6)
  • Rails or boards on the ground place in the corners and opposite markers are permitted. Rope arenas are no longer permissible (Article 662)


  • Judges levels in Dressage (Article 623 1.2)
  •  Removal of the Assistant Technical Delegate (Article 626 2.4)
  • Levels TD’s can officiate at if they are FEI Level 1 (Article 631)

Cross Country:

  • Clarified unfilled oxers and corners at 105 and below (Article 665 2.4)
  • Clarified ground lines (Article 665 2.6)
  • Clarified Missed Jump rule (Article 665 7)
  • Speed at CCN-95 has been increased to 450mpm (Annex 2)

Special competitions:

  • Reformatted and updated these Rules (Chapter XI)

Young Event Horse:

  • Horses competing at Regional and national YEH competitions should have registered Breed papers (Annex 6)


Notice to Riders from New Zealand Eventing Technical Advisory

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of New Zealand Eventing would like to make all Riders aware that over the next year data will be collected on performance. The data will be used to inform the application of possible rule changes.

The Rule changes in question are:

  • Elimination after Showjumping for 20 faults or more at 2* and above.
  • Time penalties for riders coming in more than 40 seconds under time.

Both of these Rules are in used in Eventing nations overseas and are used to mitigate possible unsafe riding. TAG do not feel that they have enough data currently to make these rule changes in NZ. Therefore, we will be analysing performance across all levels over the next year to see if the above Rules need to be added to the 2024 Rule book.

Please feel free to contact a member of TAG for further information. Contact details are available on the ESNZ website here