ESNZ Database Update


We’ve made good progress on the development of our Equestrian Sports NZ member database. After a rigorous selection process, Interpodia HorseReg was chosen as our new membership database system.  Since selecting Interpodia in December 2020 we have been systematically working through the development of the system to best serve our members. You can find out more about Interpodia here:  

As many of you know from experience, the current system has been problematic and caused regular issues for both members and staff. Thank you for your patience while we have worked through the process to ensure the replacement database is fit for purpose and has been thoroughly tested before it is launched.


Data cleansing 

Due to persisting data quality issues with the current system an extensive data cleansing exercise is underway.  The data is coming with us to the new system, so it is important that we do as much as we can to fix as much as we can before migrating the data into the new database.  This will give the project the best opportunity for success.

So, we will soon ask members to login to their ESNZ account to make sure that their contact details, address, phone, email, date of birth and region are all correct prior to launch.


Over the past year we have rebuilt the results profiles for you and your horse/s.  These are now visible in the current database.

The process of rebuilding the results was not a simple task to fix and there were many layers of issues but rebuilding them was the best solution to get us back to a true source of data and also set us up well to transfer these results to the new database. 

It is important to note that historical errors and missing results may still be there, however with the new rebuilt result profiles, we are now much better placed to fix and correct these as we are alerted to them. 

A number of members volunteered to check the validity of their results prior to us going live with the rebuilt results, but we encourage all members to check yours and your horse/s results and let us know if you have any remaining errors or missing results so that we can continue to improve the results for you and your horse/s.  Please email [email protected]

Database – when will the new database be launched?

The database is ready to go, but as 1 August is the start of our busy registration and renewal period, we have decided to launch HorseReg on 1 November 2021. This is so that we don’t coincide any teething issues with this busy period, plus it gives us more time to test the system and train our membership team on its features.

Additional benefit to launching on 1 November 2021 include:

  • Get through the busy period with the current system which minimises impact on members and staff.
  • Allows for more training time for staff on the new system
  • Provides the opportunity to run both systems concurrently for a season to check results and accuracy
  • Ensure better accuracy of results information being migrated into the new system.
  • More time for online entry providers to make changes to their systems
  • More time to data cleanse
  • Allows the ESNZ finance team to test their side of the system during their off-peak time once the annual audit has been completed.


Credit/debit card payments only from 1 November

The HorseReg system is built to only accept payment via Credit or Debit Card. From 1 November ESNZ will move to credit card / debit card only payments

The reasons for notifying members of this now is to:

  • enable members who do not have a credit or debit card to look into obtaining one
  • enable those members who still wish to pay this year’s registration by direct credit that they will need to do this prior to us closing off the current system for the data to be migrated into the new database – cut-off date is likely to be 25 October 2021, but we will confirm this date closer to the time and let members know.

We are working on the possibility of implementing PoliPay, however, this feature is unique to Interpodia clients in New Zealand and Australia only and will require additional development and cost outside of the current scope of the project so would not be able to be implemented prior to the 1 November launch.

Transaction fee charge from 1 November 2021

The new database will charge a 5% transaction fee.  This is made up of the following:

  • 3.5% – Interpodia transaction fee, this includes payment processor fee, with the remainder of the fee going to Interpodia to cover the use of their system.
  • 1.5% – will come back to ESNZ for ongoing maintenance and development of the ESNZ database.

The 5% transaction fee will come into effect on 1 November with the launch of the new system. Prior to this date the current fee structure will remain in place.


Combined AGM – 31 July 2021

Members / delegates attending the combined AGM in Wellington on 31 July 2021 will get the opportunity to ask questions during the combined session – so please come prepared with questions you might have.

You can also email us on [email protected]

From the AGM and any questions received via email, we will develop a frequently asked questions.