The NZ Equine Research Foundation (NZERF) has released of a new video on the important topic of Laminitis presented by well-known and respected Cambridge Veterinarian Dr Paul Fraser. This is the second video in a planned series of videos intended to provide important information to all participants in the equine industry. The short video is non-technical and should appeal to all with an interest in the horse. NZERF is indebted to the Rodmor Charitable Trust which has generously sponsored this video and the video library.

The video is available on the NZERF YouTube site

Or can be watched directly here:

NZERF also has a recent publication “Equine Laminitis” which may be viewed or purchased via the NZERF website

The video was produced pursuant to NZERF’s aim to promote and expand public knowledge regarding the welfare, breeding, feeding, management, health and performance of horses of all types.  It would welcome the distribution of the link to video to all members of your representative equestrian bodies.  Knowledge is the key to  improved equine welfare!