Luci Askin riding Portofino winners of the Equissage Horse Grand Prix at Canterbury Champs 8-9 February 2020.
Photo Credit Jane Thompson


The standard of Sunday’s competitions at the Canterbury Show Jumping Championship was top class. Local rider Lucinda Askin on board Portofino took out the feature class, the Equissage Horse Grand Prix, and in doing so, also won the Kinloch Farm’s Grand Prix series which has been run over the last three Canterbury shows.


Lucinda also won two beautiful silver trophies; the Marion Kelly Memorial Trophy and the Jagermeister Trophy donated by Kinloch Farms and Libby Sellar.


This was Portofino’s first start at the show, as Lucinda had elected to give him the day off yesterday. “He freshened up nicely, in fact was a bit too fresh, but with the season coming towards its end, he needs to be.” Luci intends heading up to the South Island championships next weekend in Blenheim, and then in March to the Horse of the Year show in Hawkes Bay.


The Country TV Pony Grand Prix was a great competition. There were three double clear rounds, and Ella Wylie and MF Spot Me really put the pressure on when she took a tight turn inside the Saddle Barn fence and jumped clear. Ella Rae-Wood, who followed Ella and MF Spot Me, had been debating whether or not to take that turn on her grey pony Tallyho Primrose, but if she wanted to win, that was what she had to do and she did!


“I was having second thoughts, but then thought I may as well go for it!”  As to the win, Ella thought “it was very cool!”  Ella, who hails from Greymouth, is also heading to Blenheim next week for the South Island Champs. “It will take us about six hours to get there,” she said. “Mum drives really slow!”  Mum (Donna) laughed at this and said her old Land Cruiser has done about 500,000kms, so can’t go very fast even if she wanted to! “The Magners (who also hail from the West Coast) and us are having a competition to see how far we can make our vehicles go!”  Hopefully the vehicle will get them up to Hastings as well as Ella and her sister Ruby have plans to compete at the Horse of the Year show.

Ella Rae-Wood riding Tallyho Primrose to win the Country TV Pony Grand Prix at Canterbury Champs 8-9 February 2020.
Photo Credit: Jane Thompson

Another who had been missing from the jumping action yesterday was today’s winner of the Tavern Harewood Mini Prix.  Kate Cavanagh had been supporting her step-daughter Amelia in the Coast to Coast competition yesterday but had Wallflower out in fine form today. The brilliant jumping mare is not the easiest of rides but Kate has a good strategy. “I can’t come out too placid, she doesn’t go so well then.”  As a result, the pair really attacked the course, and pulled off a good win ahead of Tegan Fitzsimon and Alacazam MH.


A small presentation was made to Blue Clarke who is (supposedly) standing down after this show as Show Jumping Canterbury’s chair.  He and his wife Lisa work tirelessly to make these shows run, and their efforts are certainly appreciated by everyone involved in the equestrian community.


Main Results


Equissage In Conjunction With Kinloch Farms Horse Grand Prix 1.40-1.50m

1 – Portofino & Luci Askin

2 – My Super Nova & Rose Alfeld

3 – Vali & Molly Buist-Brown

4 – Westgrove GNZ & Katie Meredith


Tavern Harewood Horse Mini Prix Am5 1.35m

1 – Wallflower & Kate Cavanagh

2 – Alacazam MH & Tegan Fitzsimon

3 – Silversmith & Amy McMullan

4 – Casanova NZPH & Georgie Dormer

5 – Lacona Ammoe & Olivia Harkerss

6 – Ngahiwi Double Cross & Katie Meredith


Country Tv In Conjunction With Saddlery Barn Pony Grand Prix 1.20-1.30m

1 – Tallyho Primrose & Ella Rae-Wood

2 – MF Spot Me & Ella Wylie

3 – Wembleybrook Tiffany & Johanna Wylaars

4 – Benrose Playtime & Samantha Gillies

5 – Mangakaraa Carbon Copy & Anna Nalder

6 – Te Ngaio Raggamuffin & Molly Moffatt


Sisj Committee Pony Mini Prix Am5 1.15-1.20m

1 – Benrose Eclipse & Emma Gillies

2 – Tironui Firecracker & Molly Moffatt

3 – Ace & Lily Plunkett

4 – Waiotahi Belle & Pippa Collins

5 – Tallyho Cleopatra & Ruby Rae-Wood 

6 – Chocolat Sucre & Anna Nalder



Open Horse A5 2 Phase 1.10m

1 – Firebird & Timothy Richards

2 – London & Kate Taylor

3 – Red Rafferty & Angela Ruddenklau

4 – RH Armani & Melissa Pateman 

5 – Good Luck Charlie & Abbey Baker

6 – Allie Saab & Candace Kingsbury



Matthews Hanoverians 7 Year Old Am5 1.30m

1 – Campari & Tegan Fitzsimon

2 – Kettle GNZ & Becky Harkerss

3 – Double J Cyclone & Luci Askin

4 – Corofina ECPH & Courtney Townsend

5 – Tuxedo & Emma Power

6 – Cascade & Luci Askin



Chelekon & Ultramox In Conj With Hazlett Rural 6 Year Old A1 1.25m

1 – Bellick ST & Rosa Buist-Brown



Main Events Universities Jumping Series (In Conjunction With Class 34) 1.20m

1 – Ignition & Olivia Shinn

2 – Golden Mile & Adam Ford

3 – Aa Bedazzled & Hollie Kooman

4 – RH Renamour & Victoria Brown


East Coast Performance Horses In Conj With Canterbury Equine Clinic 5 Year Old A1 1.15m

1 – Wildheart & Sophie Townsend

1 – Vulcan GNZ & Katie Meredith



Open Horse A5 2 Phase 1.20m

1 – Acolade Hsh & Harry Feast

2 – Gosh Yam It Gnz & Emma Power

3 – Ignition & Olivia Shinn

4 – Double J Bouncer & Harry Feast

5 – Chello Xtreme & Becky Harkerss

6 – Kingsway Khan & Linda Cotton



Open Horse 95cm Hoyq (Show Hunter)

1 – Heatherfield & Brigitte Barnes (77)

2 – Chunky & Fabriana Mcquarrie (75)

3 – Rv Benz Velo & Nicolee Ayton (68)

4 – Kabo Dancer & Fleur Carter-Hodder (66)


Open Horse 90cm Hoyq (Show Hunter)

1 – Heatherfield & Brigitte Barnes (76)

2 – Chatham & Jamie Atkinson (74)

3 – Tequilla Surprise & Kirsty Anderson (72)

4 – Chunky & Fabriana Mcquarrie (71.5)

5 – Maverick & David Didham (71)

6 – Rv Benz Velo & Nicolee Ayton (70)


By Jane Thompson

10 February 2020