Thirty young riders across the country have been selected to participate in the Pryde’s Easifeed Young Rider Development programme

In the South Island, riders will go into camp in Christchurch at the end of September and then have a progress follow up prior to the South Island Champs. In the North Island riders will have test individual test assessments with trainers to begin their programme and then go into camp at Taupo NEC prior to the Equestrian Entries Youth  Festival in January 

South Island riders:

Jorja Dann                                   Farloe Ghalia

Emma Copplestone                    Dinky Di Doff or Sandera

Emma Copplestone                    Sandera

Charlotte Thomas                       Time After Time

Meg Johnston                             Little Blessing

Tessa Jones                                 Samson Jones

Rilee McMeekin                         Solitar Storm

Lucy Cochrane                            Gymanji

Hannah Nicol                              Mayfair Dusk

Jaclyn Hay                                   Modern Masterpiece

Kimberley Clearwater                Apsley Just an Image

Carys Gale                                  MF Zanbuck

Maia Gerard                               Xtravagance

Ella Fitzsimons                            Apsley Golden Secret

Olivia Goodwillie                        Retail Therapy

Emily Van Herpt                         Westwood Dalmar Ricochet

North Island

Alice Naish                              Hunter Valley

Antonia Verissimo                  KS Falklore I See Red

Emily Hastings                        Glendale Nightlight

Emily Shepherd                       Rakanui Grace N Dazzle

Emma Dickons                        Belmont Bedsox

Emma Harding                       Vollrath Lush

Giorgia Hickey                        Delphi

Hanna Luostari                       Gabe

Jamie Mulholland                   Golden Promise

Katie Graham                         Sheez All That

Laura Fenton-Hare                 Double O Dhikra

Olivia Robinson                       Kozee

Piper Craike                            Glenvar Bramble

Rebecca Mobberley               Zak Smith

Sachleen Kaur                         HPH Levitate

Samantha Belsham                Alpine Park Watercolour

Samantha Wells                     Gangham Style

Tayla Macdonald                   Wonda Why