Equissage’s 60-plus-year history in therapy systems tells the story. The company’s cycloidal vibration therapy (CVT) was invented in 1949 as Niagara Therapy and while that hasn’t changed over the decades, they have this season introduced a new model which riders across the disciplines have been queuing to get their hands on. New Zealand area sales manager Kylie Ebbett says the new EDGE product has been “amazingly popular”.

“We have upgraded the features, using lightweight lithium batteries making it so much lighter than previous models, and more streamlined. The system now has a wireless remote-control making operating the unit so much easier from the ground. Those two things along with our more affordable finance options has just opened the door for so many people.”

Existing clients were upgrading with new people getting on board what Kylie says is undoubtedly New Zealand’s leading therapy system.

Equissage has a combination of three units – the main one being the back pad (in two sizes for ponies and horses), also a handheld unit used manually to spot treat horses and legs, and finally the human therapy “Rider Pad” which is now also portable, and battery operated.

“Personal preference is a big part of what system people like to use, but the beauty of Equissage is in its simplicity, ease of use and portability – that’s the feedback we get from a lot who have previously purchased alternative therapies which they may have liked, but not the bulkiness.”

She says Equissage is unique in its application. “The depth of penetration we are able to achieve with the vibration it produces is not matched by any other product on the market.”

As a medical company, Equissage has to adhere to extremely strict guidelines through governing bodies and consumer watch dogs. “Our testing is world standard to ensure we can continue our level of business to the level we do.” Their products are found in the likes of the Australian Institute of Sport and hospitals throughout Australasia. “It isn’t just a rehab tool, but also one for preventative maintenance. Equissage is proven to do three things – our medical classification means it is scientifically proven to increase blood flow which stimulates the lymphatic system and therefore relaxes muscles and helps to improve joint mobility.”

People from across the disciplines use Equissage – from racing to polo, jumping to eventing, dressage and more – with jumping their biggest market.  The company is the sponsor of the Equissage Horse Grand Prix Series which Kylie says is a fitting match. “It is about us giving back to a discipline that supports us so well and we have a lot of clients competing at this level.” She and her team make every effort to attend as many events as possible throughout the season where they are happy to do one-on-one consultations to ensure every client gets just what they need.

Equissage very kindly donated an Equissage Edge unit which was purchased at auction by Diamond Lodge, and have said, “It is going great! We have loved having the Equissage Edge as part of our daily routine! We use it on both show jumpers and racing thoroughbreds. It came in very handy at Horse of the Year show this year, it is so easy to use and light to get from the truck to the stables. I can really notice the difference when the horses have it on before working. Thanks!”

The system was created firstly for humans and then adapted for horses around 30 years ago, and now has a third division Accell Therapy for small animals. Equissage has been in New Zealand since 2003. Kylie has been with the company for a decade, firstly in Australia before moving home to Hawke’s Bay nearly four years ago.

“It was a great opportunity to come home and revive the New Zealand business,” she says. She and partner Daniel Coddington live at Totara Valley Park in Onga Onga where they breed polo ponies. “Every horse on the property will have (Equissage) therapy when they come in – they love it, and it works!”