The ESNZ Endurance Board have very recently been issued an invitation by the Chair of FEI Group VIII for a delegate from our NF to attend the upcoming FEI Temporary Committee meeting to be held in Lausanne on 21st February 2019.

The meeting is to discuss topics and potential rule changes that will have relevance and bearing to manage the sport in the future, with a commitment to horse welfare and the return to horse endurance riding, as opposed to endurance racing. The committee are particularly interested in hearing our thoughts on further possible rule changes rather than agreeing or disagreeing with what has been achieved in the past few months.

The ESNZ Endurance Board has agreed to appoint Jenny Weston as our delegate to act on behalf of ESNZ Endurance.

 Jenny will be working overseas around that time and has been able to change her flights to add this meeting to her itinerary; this considerably reduces the costs for this trip.

The Board feel this is an important opportunity for our country to have a voice and be involved in what we see as being a catalyst of change that will have impact on our sport nationally as well as worldwide.

So that Jenny has a full representation of our membership’s views, the Board would like you, as a member, to participate in the survey attached to this notification.

To complete the survey click here