Jessica Woods, from Ohaupo in the Waikato, took her new Australian 3* horse, Just de Manzana, to the South Island Eventing Championships to gain a qualifying score to make her eligible for the NRM National Three-day Event in Taupo, but was rewarded with a win in the Ultimate Design & Renovation CIC3* class as well.

Third of the five starters at McLeans Island after Saturday’s dressage with a score of 36.7 penalties, they had a showjumping rail down, but went clear with the fastest time across country on Sunday, incurring 4.8 time penalties, for a final score of 45.5 penalties.


Cantabrian Emily Cammock on Shaw Lee, the pre-event favourites holding second equal position in the ESNZ Eventing Super League, who were second after the dressage with 36.4 penalties, also had a showjumping rail down. However they incurred 17.6 time penalties on the cross-country for a final score of 58 penalties.


Jessica’s win with Just de Manzana has elevated her to fourth place in the Super League, while Emily and Shaw Lee move clear in second position, with the series final, the NRM National Three-day Event at Taupo looming large.


Needless to say no-one will catch Clarke and ‘Ritchie’ despite them not competing, but they will be there performing the guinea pig test for the CCI3*, so setting a high standard for the Ground Jury to get their eye in.


Current standings:

Clarke Johnstone, Balmoral Sensation, 178 pts; Emily Cammock, Shaw Lee, 110 pts; Donna Edwards-Smith, DSE Tangolooma, 80 pts; Jessica Woods, Just de Manzana, 64pts; Bundy Philpott, Tresca NZPH, 63 pts; Edwards-Smith, DSE Cluny, 58 pts; Nick Brooks, For Fame, 58 pts.



The King Country’s Louise Mulholland has extended her lead with Mr McTaggert in the Equissage Pro-Am series following good placings at Flaxmere and Pukemarama, and is now in an unbeatable position going into the NRM Three-day Event.


Holly Rose, Taupo, and Pampero have continued to add to their tally in second place, but Tayla Mason and Centennial are the big movers, having had eleven starts so discarding one score, to move into third place.


South Islander Courtney Davis and By Hoki have moved into the top six, while fellow mainlander Lydia Truesdale on Allander Rocket and Otorohanga veterinarian Cherie Jaques on Black Gem have not added to their tallies, so are in danger of being overtaken. Courtney is heading to Taupo but Lydia is not.


Current standings:

Louise Mulholland, Mr McTaggert, 196 pts; Holly Rose, Pampero, 151 pts; Tayla Mason, Centennial, 144 pts; Lydia Truesdale, Allander Rocket, 113 pts; Cherie Jaques, Black Gem, 105 pts; Courtney Davis, By Hoki, 100 pts.



Shannon Galloway and Day Walker have bolted away with the PEL Amateur series, and have now had twelve starts so have discarded their two lowest scores. They are entered at Taupo so ‘Dave’ must surely be one of the toughest, fittest, and most consistent eventers in the country.


Amanda Illston and Verdelho still hold second place, well clear of the bunch, but a new name has popped up at the top of the bunch in Erica Alderton on Orion Star, and Jane Callaghan has moved into contention with Weiti West End, both having had good placings at Hamilton last weekend.


Current standings:

Shannon Galloway, Day Walker, 167.5 pts; Amanda Illston, Verdelho, 117 pts;  Erica Alderton, Orion Star, 70 pts; Ingrid Herdson, Mr Tambourine Man, 66 pts; Jane Callaghan, Weiti West End, 65 pts; Helen McGrath, Woodbine Just In Case, 63 pts.



Beth Wilson has deservedly reclaimed the lead on Alto et Audax in the Mitavite Young Rider series after winning the Charisma Trophy at Pukemarama last weekend. But they are not safe, with Jeffrey Amon producing consistent results at 1* level on JA Take A Shot, with eleven scores recorded, so one discarded.


Greer Caddigan still holds third spot with Mr Mancini despite no further starts, although Aiden Viviers is closing the gap with Giselle II. Gemma Hampson and Pintado Prima Rosa are hanging in, with Sylvie McLean and RM Let It Be moving into the top six.


Current standings:

Beth Wilson, Alto et Audax, 162.5 pts; Jeffrey Amon, JA Take A Shot, 156 pts; Greer Caddigan, Mr Mancini, 127 pts; Aiden Viviers, Giselle II, 123 pts; Gemma Hampson, Pintado Prima Rosa, 96 pts; Sylvie McLean, RM Let It Be, 83 pts.



Caroline Howell has made an amazing recovery after her nasty fall at Kihikihi, and had her first start since on Telestory at Pukemarama at the weekend. They dropped down a level to regain confidence, and despite being nervous have registered their tenth score.


Kaitlyn Freeman and Landisohn are still chasing them, but there is a big gap back to the rest, with Eden Doull on Noble Value still third, while Samuel Amon is creeping closer. Jasmyne Speake and DSE Beyond Compare have leapt into contention after winning the Hoffman Trophy at Pukemarama, ahead of Hannah Doak on Ralph.


Current standings:

Caroline Howell, Telestory, 127.5 pts; Kaitlyn Freeman, Landisohn, 119 pts; Eden Doull, Noble Value, 70 pts; Samuel Amon, Trojan Warrior, 68 pts; Jasmyne Speake, DSE Beyond Compare, 58 pts; Hannah Doak, Ralph, 57 pts.



The top spots continue to shuffle around in the Grassroots series, which makes for keen competition. Ashley Johnston on Miss Vee NZPH had a one point lead at this stage, with Ashra McAvinue and TR Wanderlust having had eleven starts so one score discarded.


Jenny Pearce is hanging in on Top Steel, as is Kady Prujean on VPS Call Me Cash and Bev Mulder on Pagan Warrior, while Anna Van Dissen joins the fray on Rotowai.


Current standings:

Ashley Johnston, Miss Vee NZPH, 60 pts; Ashra McAvinue, TR Wanderlust, 59 pts; Jenny Pearce, Top Steel, 52 pts; Kady Prujean, VPS Call Me Cash, 42 pts; Bev Mulder, Pagan Warrior, 39 pts; Anna Van Dissen, Rotowai, 38 pts.


Virginia Caro