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Recreational Drug & Alcohol Policy

Information regarding ESNZ’s Drug and Alcohol policy.

ESNZ has chosen to adopt the attached Drug and Alcohol policy, after a consultation and approval process within our members and stakeholders, legal advisors and the FEI.   All members – riders, officials and staff – will be bound by this new policy while at ESNZ-run events and activities.

Recreational Drug and Alcohol Policy

This Recreational Drug and Alcohol policy has had input from our legal advisors Gibson Sheat, the FEI (Athletes Services & Human Anti-Doping department), both of whom have provided valuable input into it along with New Zealand’s premiere drug and alcohol risk assessment agency.

The programme will be funded by ESNZ with event testing chosen (randomly) by ESNZ and contracted agencies initially used for testing – similar to how the national equine testing programme works.  The ESNZ Recreational Drug and Alcohol policy and programme will be run independently from Drug Free Sport NZ’s programme, however, the two may also run alongside from time to time.

Because we can’t test at every event, OCs may wish to have their event tested, using an approved agency, at their own cost, if it is not already part of the programme. Any OC wishing to do this should contact the National Sport Administrator in the first instance for advice and for access to approved drug detection agencies.

How Testing Works

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with how Drug and Alcohol testing is carried out, in the event that you may get tested.

What are the consequences of a positive drug test?
Can I refuse to give a sample/be tested?

Download a copy of our process document which maps out what happens in the event of a positive drug test and also if a drug test is refused.

Results for ESNZ Recreational Drug and Alcohol Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

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