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Para Equestrian Rules

Para-Equestrian sport rules and FEI rules

Para-Equestrian Sport Rules

Updated rules come into effect on the 1st October 2018

There are a couple of new rules we would like to draw your attention to:

  • Article 126.5 – Age limits. There are no age limits for national competition.
  • Article 140.18.5 – At Local events for Grade I only, unregistered lead rein classes or riders being led in a combined grade class may be permitted only where the OC can safely accommodate. At all other events riders must ride independently.


  • Combination Qualification for National Pinnacle Events (Nationals & HOY) is now required – article 137.4.
  • Defining requirements and prize guides for running para events – article 144.4
  • New Safety article that replaces the former Safety Standards annex, combining all relevant safety rules into one article for ease of reference.
  • Riders responsibility to know the difference between allowed gear from National rules to FEI – Article 122.

Note also that Article 127.3 Riding in a higher grade will stay as is for the current season but will align to the FEI rule which does not allow riding in a higher grade from 1 August 2018.

There are a few new rules and some that have been amended or deleted, these are also attached in the ‘changes to ESNZ PE rules’ document for ease of reference.   

Dressage NZ Rules

FEI Para-Equestrian Rules