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ESNZ Dressage Rules

Dressage sport rules, series rules and FEI rules

Dressage Sport Rules

Dressage Rules Effective 1/9/23

1_Getting Started
2_Competition Day
A2_Classification of Events
A3_Rider Age Group Competitions 
A4_Lead Rein Dressage
A5_Foreign Events Eligibility
A6_Arena Specifications
A7_Young Dressage Horse
A11_FEI Guidelines for Pre and Post Competition
A12_FEI Description of Movements
2023 Dressage NZ Rules Book A4
 Summary of Rule Changes 2023

This document also includes Changes to Gold, Silver, Bronze eligibility (Effective until 2026)

2023 FEI Guidelines Tack Equipment _ Dressage & Para
These also apply to Dressage National Competitions where applicable.
When looking for a rule, there are two rule books for reference.
For national competitions, start with the ESNZ Dressage rules. 
If  there is no definitive answer, especially around permitted bits, bridles, spurs, then FEI guidelines apply.

Downgrade Application Form v2021

Dressage Rules for Administration Effective April 2020

FEI Dressage Rules

FEI Dressage Rules Effective 1 Jan 2023

All FEI Dressage Rules 
Includes FEI World Ranking rules,  FEI Dressage World Challenge, FEI Dressage World Cup, FEI WBFSH Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses Rules, Tack & Equipment




National Dressage Series Conditions & Rules