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CTR Roll of Honour

The CTR Roll of Honour  is for horses who have qualified  a minimum of 1000 CTR kilometres

  • 5000 - 5999km
  • 2500 - 2999km
  • 2000 - 2499km
  • 1501 - 1999km
  • 1000 - 1499km
  • Decade Award

 Roll of Honour 5000 – 5999km

30th June 2018

Desert Journey Julie Watson

Roll of Honour 2500 – 2999km

30th June 2018

Tahira Saracen Keith McLeod


Roll of Honour 2000 – 2499km

30th June 2018

Xavier Cherokee Missy Green
Kizzi Taieri Hore
Shannon Dot Wildman
P & R Stardust Lad Sandy McCuan
Red Chex Colin McVickar
Morning Star Mare Britten
Wooden Nickel Keith McLeod
Bob Nita Edwards


Roll of Honour 1500 – 1999km

30th June 2018

Lofty Murray Meager
Nirvana Firefly Liz Antunovic
Delganey’s Jet Stella Hansen
Stonelea Sparkling Rose Heidi Bulfin
Twin Oaks Titania Sharon Nickless
Pylon Chiquita Raelyne Macrae
Cheeky Brett Murray & Shari Walker
Brodie Lesley Rekke


Roll of Honour 1000 – 1499km

30th June 2018

Gowandale Aztec Katrina Wilkenson
Sultan Lisa Goldsbury
Volkman Ken Abrahams
Thunder McCue Heather Smith
Naibara Ramah Rachel Rennie
Moonlight Krystal Tony Liley
Kazmere Araazi Bridget Keenan
Kakadu Sunrise Heather Glassey
Monty Carol Gurney
Waitakere Express Keith McLeod
BTR Overture Penelope Valk
Jay Lorraine Stratford
Penny Be Good Keith McLeod
Sayid Ursula Keenan
Jack Frost Les & Maureen Davie
Waitakere Flyer Keith McLeod
Darcy Jill Lang
Silands Jasark Kylie Avery

CTR Decade Award

 The CTR Decade Award is awarded to combinations that meet   the following criteria:

  • Continuous 10 year membership/registration of ESNZ.
  • Must have qualified in a minimum of 50km per season, in rides of 15km or longer,for 10 consecutive seasons.
  • Both horse and rider must be currently registered with ESNZ in the year of the award.
  • Combination of horse and rider
2018 Heidi Bulfin Stonelea Sparkling Rose