FEI Competitions

FEI Competitions are held each season with a Series for both Senior and Junior/Young Riders riders along with a combined  FEI Championship Series

Important information for Riders and Organisers for FEI events in 2022

2021-2022 FEI Events 

12th – 13th January

East Coast Endurance Club


9th – 10th February

Kohuratahi Endurance Club


28th – 31st March April

Wairarapa Endurance  & CTR Club


28th May-1st June

Oz Endurance

Inglewood, Queensland


FEI Series – Junior Young Rider

As with the senior award, points are gained from all FEI  competitions throughout the season count for the Junior/Young Rider FEI Series.

The JY riders compete for the Reid Family trophy, donated by the Robert, Susan and Sian Reid family who have always  been keen supporters of our Juniors and Young Riders. Sian  had many successes as a Junior rider including  competing at two World JY Championship events.


FEI Series – Senior

Points gained in all CEI classes at FEI events  throughout the season count for the  Senior FEI Series  award.  

Riders compete for the Sandy Duncan Memorial Trophy which is named  in memory of Sandy Duncan  of the Makahiwi Arabian Stud. Sandy was one of the early stalwarts of endurance riding in New Zealand and competed successfully at all levels for many years.

There are still many Makahiwi horses competing today as the stud continues  on with wife Phyl and son Struan at the helm.


FEI Championship Series

Points gained in CEI championship classes  at the National Championships and both Island Championship events count for this award. 

This silver tray  was donated by  Barbara and the late   David McGregor , long time supporters and hard working volunteers  of endurance.

Horses bearing the McGregor’s stud name, Craig Royston, have competed successfully  for many years in various disciplines but especially in endurance.