ESNZ Coach Programme FAQs

What are the benefits to being an ESNZ registered Coach?

I have not been a current registered ESNZ coach for over 12 months and am considered to be ‘lapsed’. I would like to renew my ESNZ coach registration.  Can I re-register?

I am a regular equestrian coach but don’t have an ESNZ Coach qualification.  Is my coaching recognised under the ESNZ Coach program or do I need to start at Introductory level?

I can’t complete the practical parts of assessment at this time, is there still a way for me to be assessed and have competency recognised?

I would like to start completing the workbooks, is there a time limit?

How are the workbooks completed?

Can I purchase and complete more than one level of Coaching workbook at a time?

What sort of things will I learn?

Will I need to purchase any other course material and if so how can I purchase these?

How much does it cost to start studying the ESNZ Coach program?