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Information and Resources for Jumping Technical Officials including rules, stewards manuals, course design books, handouts, etc.

  • Basic Course Design Book for Beginners
  • Instructions for Setting Up Farm Tech Timers
  • Stewards Report Template for National and WJC Events

This booklet was written by Leicester B Jarden – FEI Level 3 Course Designer and 2012 Winner of the Pilmer Plate. (Awarded for displaying the highest ideals of good sportsmanship.)

Download Basic Course Design Book for Beginners

Setting up the lights in the arena

  • Transmitter 1 is ALWAYS the START
  • Transmitter 2 is ALWAYS the FINISH
  • Once the four units are mounted on the tripods check the red light is steady
  • If it is blinking the battery in that unit is getting low.
  • Only use the Gold Energiser Batteries (they last the longest)
  • When setting out the tripods ensure the aerials have a reasonably clear line of sight back to the console.
  • When the eyes are aligned to each other the display on the bottom screen of the console will show 1 2 X which will flash alternately with OFF ( this shows the Eyes are OFF) when you press
  • EYES ON the Console display will change to a steady 1 2 X

Basic Use

  • Ring the Bell
  • Press Countdown, then press Eyes On
  • When the rider is approaching the last fence press Eyes ON If the timer needs to be stopped during the round press the STOP / START button. To restart the timer press the RESTART button (#3)

To enter Times Allowed

  • Press Setup
  • Press Next Choice until First Round Time appears in the bottom display screen
  • Press Enter, key in the time and press Enter again
  • The next display should be Press Enter for Jump off Time
  • Press Enter, key in the time and press Enter again
  • Press Setup to get out of the Menu
  • Check that First Round is showing on the lower display screen
  • Press Setup and Next Choice or Previous Choice to go back and forth between First Round and Jump Off Round. Press Enter to accept.

The report template is for stewards of National and World Jumping Challenge events and should be submitted alongside the Officials Checklist. 

Download Stewards Report Template 

Download Officials Checklist

Health and Safety Resources for officials