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Eventing 2020 – 2021 Calendar & Schedules

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Eventing Calendar 2020 - 2021 Season

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2 Auckland Abderry Jumping & Dressage Practice 45cm and up  
9 Wellington  Paekakariki XC Practice    
22-23 Canterbury Eyreton PC CCN CCN80 – CCN3*  
30 Auckland Abderry Jumping & Dressage Practice 45cm and up  
5-6 Taupo NEC CCN CCN80-CCN3*  
6 Wellington  Paekakariki XC Practice    
12-13 Canterbury McLeans Island CCN CCN65-CCI4*-S  
26-27 Hamilton WEC CCN CCN65 – CCN2*Plus  
27 Wellington  Paekakariki XC Practice    
3-4 NHB Equestrian Park CCN CCN80-CCN3* Young Rider & Junior Rider OD Champs
9-11 Canterbury McLeans Island CCI-L CCN65-CCI4*-L  
10-11 Taupo NEC CCN CCN80-CCN3* Plus  
17-18 CSHB Arran Station CCN CCN80-CCN4* North Island CCN Champs
31-1 Taupo NEC CCI-S CCN80-CCI4*  
1 Otago Middlemarch CCN-S CCN105-CCN2*  
7-8 Northland Barge Park CCN CCN65-CCN3*  
8 Wellington Paekakariki CCN CCN65-CCN3*  
14-15 BOP Rotorua CCI-S CCN95-CCI3*  
15 Southland Donovan Park CCN CCN65-CCN3*-S  
21-22 Wairarapa Clareville CCN CCN65-CCN3*  
29  Matamata McGiven Property Practice Day 65cm – 105cm  
11-13 Auckland Puhinui Reserve CCI-L CCN95-S, CCN1*-CCI4*-L, YEH & Eventers Challenge Young Rider & Junior Rider 3DE Champs
20 Southland Ryal Bush CCN CCN65-CCN3*