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  • Karmargen Sportsmanship Award
  • Fissenden Trophy
  • Chairmans Award for Excellence
  • Super 5 League Sponsors Choice Show of the Year
  • ST Georges Trophy
  • TiES Dressage
  • Equibreed Mare Para Award
  • All-in-Flex
  • Pot Black
2018Debra CowenWaikato
2017Emma TurnbullWaikato
2016Wendi Williamson Waitemata
2015Alicia Collin Waitemata
2013Sharon Field Southern Hawkes Bay
2012Kieryn Walton Waikato
2011Rachel Thomas Nelson
2009Imogen Cahill Auckland
2008Jenny Scotter Canterbury


For an Outstanding Contribution to Dressage NZ

2018Sara Bright
2017Judith Mathews
2016Karen Trotter
2015Anamour Syndicate
2014Christine Hartstone
2013Jeanette Trevelyan
2012Marcia Bayley
2011Shirley Watts
2010Denis Reichenbach
2009Barbara Hopkinson
2008Helen Ransom
2006Ted Gilbert
2005Ann Warren
2004Andrea Raves
2003Patricia Dalrymple
2002Pamela Gould
2001Jill Gould
2000Judith Simpson
1999Tiny White
1998Shirley Hyland


2018Central Otago


2018Bates NCH
2017Southland for SICH
2016Wairarapa for NICH
2014Bates NCH
2011Canterybury for SICH

First Year PSG 

2018Jennifer SimStoneylea Lancelot
2017Fiona SharpLeo Dreams Of Gold
2016Louisa AyresPlaymate
2015Renee EtheringtonAvani
2014Catherine WestAnarocz
2013Nicola FrenchDon Freese
2012Chelsea CallaghanRoyal Aspen
2011Kate WeltonAmajah
2010Jody HartstoneMarceau
2009Sharon HattonWarrego Sophie
2008Vanessa WayKH Arvan
2007Debbie BarkMzunga
2006Angela FergusonMonique III
2005Tracey JohnsonRoyal Aspen
2004Joanna YorkKiteroa Kingston
2003Laurel CrossDamask
2002Margs CarlineKiteroa Kingston
2001Jody HartstoneBelmont Golden Boy
2000Sharon HattonBitte Schon


2017Amanda WaddellChocolate Noir
2017Sally EssexCider Rose

Saskia Ostermeier and Betty Brown from All-in-Flex have both been in the sport for many years and recognise the huge contribution made by Judges and Volunteers so vital to the existence of our sport. At many events there are nearly as many judges and volunteers as there are competitors when it’s all added up.

The All-In-Flex aim is for an increase in area group awareness and recognition of the contribution that these two groups make to the sport and their goal to have EVERY area group nominate both a Judge and a Volunteer.

Dressage recognises a Judge and Volunteer of the Year at the Annual Awards Dinner from nominations received from areas.

All-In-Flex have committed to provide product prizes and a special memento for all nominees in both Judge and Volunteer categories for 2016.

Dressage and All-In-Flex look forward to being able to recognise this group of special supporters of dressage.


2018Nicky HallenMichelle  Paterson
2017Stuart BishellBob Smith
2016Tracey JohnsonJos Gresham
2015Judith Cunningham 
2014Jan Bird 
2013Mary CraineJudith Newton
2012Ian ChildsTracey Beleski
2011Helen Hughes-KeenChristine Callaghan
2010Judy Greenslade 
2009Julia FraserKaye Emeny
2018Lorraine Ward-SmithFernlea Diamond Day
2017 Rebecca Rowlands Solo
2016 Chelsea CunninghamPlutonium Lady 
2015 Chelsea Cunningham Plutonium Lady 
2014 Julie Flintoff Belladonna MH
2013Laura Mead Don Philippo 
2012Rosanne Rix Lindisfarne Laureate 
2011Melanie Washer  Chrialka Isa
2010Heilke De Graf All White 
2009Vanessa Fechney JK Lucazen 
2008Anne Cochrane Counsellor 
2007Kim Voss Auf Weidershen 
2006Heilke De Graf  Chinese Whispers
2005 Kristen AndersonCalando 
2004 Nicola WhalleyFlash All Over 
 2003 Coralie BryantMy Monty 
2002  Julie HutchingsAspyring 
2001 Kieryn Walton Du A Tarlee 
2000  Angela HalesDarius 
1999 Lindsay Attwood Mt Molly 
1998 Christine WatsonForte 
1997Megan Busch Geneva