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Notification of Rule Amendment

Notification of Rule Amendment Annex 11: Jumping Series Conditions: Five Year Old Breeding Summer Series Conditions   Background It was passed at the Jumping AGM 2022 to increase the speed of the 5 year old series to 325m/min (from 300m/min).   This was changed in the rule book...

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RULE AMENDMENT – Article 279

  There has been an amendment made to Article 279 - Events and Competitions with Borrowed Horses. Current Rule - There may be three refusals allowed per rider. Amended Rule - Combinations will be eliminated after the second disobedience Art 236, Art 241.3.24. The...

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Jumping Rule Book 2022 Amendment

    Notice of Amendment to Jumping Rule Book - Show Jumping Rules 2022 – Version 15.0 Build 208   Article 232 Time Corrections (page 24)   One of the references to the new rule this season “second disobedience in all horse and pony competitions 1.20m and above will...

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Jumping Judges and Stewards Technical Seminars 2022 ONLINE SESSIONS NOW AVAILABLE

    ONLINE ZOOM Judges and Stewards Technical Seminars 2022   Thank you to all those who have attended one of our Jumping Judges and Stewards in person Seminars so far.  We’ve had some really good feedback and are moving some Officials up the...

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Jumping Organising Committee Training Seminars 2022 – Register Now

    Please sign up here:  GoogleFormOCTrainingSeminars2022  to register to attend one of our Organising Committee Training Seminars.   These will be held on the following evenings:   Wednesday 3rd August at 7:30pm   Monday 8th August at 7:30pm   Wednesday 10th...

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Jumping Judges and Stewards Technical Seminars 2022 – Register Now!

    Judges and Stewards Technical Seminars are coming up for 2022   These are open to all current Officials, but also to anyone wanting to become an Official or even for riders wanting to know rule changes. They will be held at the following venues: Blenheim – 31st...

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Dressage Technical Committee – EOI invited

 Dressage Technical Committee The Dressage NZ Board has approved the formation of a Technical Committee for Dressage Please see the Term of Reference in the link  The summary of the composition is as follows Dressage NZ seeks expressions of interest for the roles highlighted bold by Friday...

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Dressage NZ Planning Forum 4/5 May Online: Conference 16/17 July – Christchurch

Planning Agenda Final Summary List Agenda items 1.       Annual Starts & Financial Reports YTD March 2022  2.       Draft Budget 2022/23 - yet to be approved by ESNZ Board.  3.       Remits & Discussion Items 4.       Youth...

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Dressage Planning Forum April 2022 – Remits & Agenda Items Invited

**** FORUM DATE The date currently set for the Planning Forum is Saturday 24th April. However owing to a potential clash with the FEI Sports Forum  and it also being a long weekend, consideration is currently being given to moving this a few days earlier and to hold the forum over two 2 hour...

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Waikato Dressage Combinations Exempted from HOY Qualifying

The Dressage NZ Board has considered the effect to date  (10/1/22)  of event cancellations and postponements on Land Rover Horse of  the Year Qualifications  for Dressage competitors.   As riders in the Waikato region will not have had a home based Premier League event including Zilco...

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