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During winter, my training seems more of a chore

During winter, my training seems more of a chore than a workout. And I can lose my motivation, yet every spring I wish I’d prepared more pre-season.   Exercise: Chore or Treat? Doing the same training all year doesn’t always mean you will continue to improve at the same rate. If...

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2020-2021 National Jumping Squads Announced!

Jumping Squad Announcement The new National Jumping Squads lists have been updated and can be viewed below or through our performance page here.   National Talent Development Squad Kimberley Bird & Cera Cassina Melody Matheson & Graffiti MH Robert Steele & LT Holst...

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Specificity – training specific to your sport and specific to you

When I first started riding, I noticed a lot of improvements with my body in the beginning. Now there’s not so much, it’s like my body has plateaued. And I get stiff from riding more easily than I used to, taking me longer to recover; is there anything I can do about that? If I’m not...

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Bayer Buoyed by Equestrian Passion

  UltraMox Co-sponsors of the UltraMox and Cheleken Equestrian Six-Year-Old Series The team at Bayer – the company behind UltraMox™ – get a real kick out of providing equine owners with what they say are the very best products and advice on worming their horses, according to...

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How do I know what rider training activities are best for me?

  There is so many opinions about the best way to train, how do I know I am making the right ones? I watch the training elite riders do and wonder what changes I should make to my training to be more like them? As the country begins to return to usual activities and we move steadily into...

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Clients at the Heart of Award-Winning Mutual

FMG Sponsors of the FMG Young Rider Series As a mutual, FMG is all about its clients. Rural manager Lizzie Vincent says she feels very lucky to work for a company she feels so strongly about. “As we are owned by our clients, our business structure is really about working with them to minimise...

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Update from our Wairarapa Star Spotter, Olive Percy!

Thank you so much for the membership. I have had a great season it’s a shame that it got cut short. Coco went lame before the season ended but now she is all good. We have been using our extra time to get her fit and work on our flatwork. We definitely achieved our goal for last season getting...

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Update from our Taihape Star Spotter, Aylish Jordan!

It was an awesome opportunity to be part of the Star Spotter scholarship.  I am so thankful to New Zealand Performance Horses and ESNZ for the opportunity.  The season didn’t necessarily go as planned but it turned out great in the end, well accept for Convid-19!  My plan was to get my...

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What off-horse training can I do to improve my riding readiness?

If cardiovascular and muscular fitness is not developed to any great extent by “on-horse” riding, then what home-based training is essential? When the muscular fitness of the rider is not sufficient then it becomes increasingly difficult for them to own their position on the horse....

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Heartfelt Pride from Dunstan Team

Dunstan Horsefeeds and Equifibre sponsor of the Equifibre Junior Rider Series and sponsor of the Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider Series There’s been a coming together of a clutch of well-known New Zealand Horsefeed brands with the amalgamation of Dunstan, Fiber Fresh and Equifibre. All...

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