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#GameChanger – Bonnie Farrant!

#GameChanger - Bonnie Farrant! Bonnie Farrant has been nominated as a #GameChanger by Jessica Todd for the kindness, encouragement and generosity she showed Jessica. It was my first time at the Taupō 3 Day Event and Bonnie answered every question I had, big or small, and gave me words of...

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#GameChanger – Neville and Adrienne Warsaw!

#GameChanger - Neville and Adrienne Warsaw! We received this nomination for Neville and Adrienne Warsaw as a #GameChangers from Kyla Dimmock and her daughter Lily Ellis and it’s easy to see why. Neville and Adrienne help at every event that Eventing Canterbury run each year and from what I...

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#GameChangers – Solway College Students!

#GameChangers - Solway College Students There’s nothing we like more than a whole lot of fabulous #ESNZGameChangers! And here’s who they are …. Natasha Appleton-Dyer, Ella Bashford, Alice Bourke, Morgan Dudley, Jemma Edwards, Asha Graham, Amelia Heathcote, Maddy Heathcote, Hannah...

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#GameChanger – Tatum Fletcher!

#GameChanger - Tatum Fletcher! Rebecca Aplin sent us this lovely message about why she thinks Tatum Fletcher as a special #GameChanger. My nomination is Tatum Fletcher because she has followed me around the country helping me groom and ride my ponies/horses for multiple seasons. She does...

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#GameChanger – Zoe Shore!

#GameChanger - Zoe Shore! This story about #GameChanger Zoe Shore warmed our hearts. Zoe, you’re an absolute star! Thank you to ESNZ’s Marilyn Thompson who nominated Zoe. On Sunday evening after most of the competitors had left the show grounds from Glistening Waters Jumping and Show...

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GameChangers Taking Maddie to Takapoto

Game Changers Taking Maddie Collins To Takapoto  The ESNZ Game Changers programme has raised awareness that we can all change someone’s day for the better. Dressage NZ saw the TVNZ Seven Sharp clip about Canterbury dressage pony rider Maddie Collins whose dream to compete at the 2021 Land...

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#GameChanger – Jos Gresham!

#GameChanger – Jos Gresham! When Iris Hutt’s horse was hurt at ESNZ Dressage’s national championships, it was Dressage ESNZ’s official Jos Gresham who stepped up. This is what Iris’s mum, Antonia Jongmans, had to say. “The way Jos handled the whole situation was 10 out of 10! She...

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#GameChanger – Jill Pedersen!

#GameChanger – Jill Pedersen! Juliet Iremonger sent us this heart-warming story about #GameChanger Jill Pedersen who is a Taupō dressage rider. During competition on the Saturday of the Oro Equestrian North Island Championship show hosted by Dressage Waikato, the fire alarm went off in...

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Dressage NZ Bulletin Issue 49 March 2021.

Issue 49 of the Dressage NZ Bulletin has finally made it to you screens and pockets for you to enjoy for free. Though it's a little late - it's beautiful with thanks to the wonderful businesses who support us and the amazing photographers in this issue.  Many of us should have been our...

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